Is Starbucks Coffee Arabica or Robusta?

Is Starbucks Coffee Arabica or Robusta. Starbucks coffee is indeed a very popular coffee, especially among young people and workers. Not only known among coffee lovers, currently drinking Starbucks coffee has become part of the lifestyle, especially for people who live in urban areas.

It is not new to us to see Starbucks coffee shops filled with customers, especially on the weekends. But is it the taste of Starbucks coffee that is so good that invites these people to come back and crowd the Starbucks coffee shop?

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the taste of Starbucks coffee

In fact, for true coffee lovers, the taste of Starbucks coffee does not suit their taste. For them, it is the real taste of coffee that tastes good.

Before I talk about why true coffee lovers think Starbucks coffee is bad, let’s first find out a few things about Starbucks!  Is Starbucks Coffee Arabica or Robusta.


The Starbucks store was first established in Seattle in 1971. However, at that time Starbucks had not started selling coffee but was only a roaster and retailer of coffee beans. Starbucks coffee has only been sold since 1986, at which time espresso coffee was first sold at Starbucks.

Starbuck also opened 6 other coffee shops in Seattle that same year. Since being purchased by Howard Schultz in 1987, Starbucks has started expanding outside of Seattle and currently has more than 20,000 coffee shops in 61 countries. Starbucks coffee has turned Starbuck into a very successful coffee shop business. Currently, there are various types of Starbucks coffee that coffee lovers can enjoy.

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Any coffee lover would agree if I said that Starbucks coffee tastes the same as other coffees. It is not wrong to say that Starbucks coffee has advantages over other coffees. But these advantages are not in terms of distinctive taste, but consistency. Is Starbucks Coffee Arabica or Robusta.

The price of Starbucks coffee is high not because it tastes special, but because you can expect Starbucks coffee to taste the same wherever you taste it. Starbucks is spread all over the world and wherever you enjoy Starbucks coffee, you will be served coffee with a consistent taste.

The Starbucks coffee recipe is simple and you can practice it yourself at home. Here I will give you a Starbucks coffee recipe, which is one of the favorite coffee drinks at Starbucks, namely the caramel frappuccino.


1/2 cup cold double-strength coffee
1/2 cup milk
2 ice cubes
3 tablespoons caramel syrup
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
whipped cream to taste

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How to make:

Mix all the ingredients and blend until the ice cubes crumble and become smooth.
Pour into a glass then add the whipped cream topping and caramel syrup.
Drink ready to be enjoyed.

Why Some People Think Starbucks Coffee Is Bad

The best coffee is a process, from planting to roasting, to milling and manufacturing. Starbucks cut corners in the above process to achieve scale and efficiency.  Is Starbucks Coffee Arabica or Robusta.

Starbucks can go through this process because most of the profits from Starbucks comes from selling non-coffee products or coffee mixed with milk and is often given a lot of flavored syrup.

types of drinks at Starbucks

From the Starbucks coffee recipe above you can see that Starbucks coffee contains a lot of a mixture of milk, sugar, and syrup.

To explain in detail where and how Starbucks coffee is bad requires an explanation of the coffee industry as a whole, but I will focus on the result which is the taste of Starbucks coffee and why it doesn’t taste good. Even the sugar content in a glass of Starbucks coffee is higher than that in soft drinks.  Is Starbucks Coffee Arabica or Robusta.

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Starbucks coffee drips tend to have a bitter, sour taste and contain a lot of caffeine. Also, standard Starbucks coffee is super black roasted coffee, which masks the poor taste quality of the coffee beans. This makes it taste better than coffee in shops or comics like Good Day or Nescafe which are points of comparison for the average Indonesian.

When it comes to espresso, Starbucks coffee is the worst. The Starbucks barista only presses a button in an automatic machine, meaning that the barista does not have complete control over grinding, making coffee liquid, or pouring coffee. Each of these processes is a process that ensures quality, and consequences.

To borrow the term Louis C. K, Starbucks Espresso feels like an old woman’s diarrhea. Take a look at the final product, you will find the difference between Starbucks and traditional espresso that you have never drunk. A good ristretto double cream in an espresso is a very thick cream.  Is Starbucks Coffee Arabica or Robusta.

the difference between regular coffee and Starbucks coffee

Coming back to your question about why Starbucks coffee is considered bad by a true coffee lover.

The answer is because in terms of taste Starbucks coffee is not special. Many types of coffee in Indonesia have distinctive and delicious flavors, such as Gayo coffee and Sumatran coffee which are also internationally recognized.  Is Starbucks Coffee Arabica or Robusta.

Even the taste of civet coffee trumps Starbucks coffee. Naturally, the price is very high because the civet coffee process cannot be mass-produced. Apart from the taste perspective, Starbucks is also considered bad because its many shops have the potential to kill local coffee shops that can offer coffee with a distinctive taste at a more affordable price.

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