Which Coffee Brands Use Robusta Beans?

Which Coffee Brands Use Robusta Beans. Indonesian local coffee has indeed been widely known abroad. However, it is not only the coffee that is well known abroad but also the local coffee brands.

Some of the coffee shops established by the nation’s children have expanded to countries outside Indonesia. Some have arrived in America, where the giant coffee shop nest originated.

What is a Brand?

Brand or brand is a component that must be owned and attached to a product. Without a brand, the products you market will not be well known.

Use brand names that are appropriate and close to people’s hearts. You also have to determine who your target consumers are before choosing a brand for your product. Which Coffee Brands Use Robusta Beans.

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Here Are The Local Coffee Brands That Are Well Known To Abroad

Not many local coffee shops have been able to open branches overseas because it must be admitted that it is not easy. Thanks to your persistence and hard work anything is possible.

Well, here are 10 Indonesian coffee brands that are well-known to foreign countries that may deserve to be included in the list of the best coffee.

1. Dua Coffee

The Indonesian coffee brand, which is carried by Omar Karim Prawiranegara and Rinaldi Nur Pratama, can reach foreign markets, precisely in Washington DC.

This story began when Omar and Rinaldi received support from the tourism ministry to sell Indonesian coffee in New York. They did not waste this opportunity and went to Uncle Sam’s country. Which Coffee Brands Use Robusta Beans.

Unexpectedly, their products, which mostly use local coffees, were well received by the people there. Until finally there was an offer from an investor there to set up a coffee shop. Without thinking, the two business partners immediately agreed to the opportunity.

2. Coffee Toffee

This local coffee brand had experienced failure and even almost went bankrupt, not because of the quality of the coffee they made but because the concept of service was not by local culture. At that time Coffee Toffee carried the takeaway concept.

Realizing that this concept was the cause of his income deficit, finally, the coffee toffee owner changed his cafe concept into a cafe shop. Since then the shop started to get busy and until now, it has more than one hundred branches throughout Indonesia.

Coffee toffee not only fulfills demand from within the country but also abroad such as Malaysia and Singapore. A shop that promotes local coffee as its product has also been promoted by President Jokowi.

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3. Tanamera Coffee

The local coffee brand, Panamera coffee, has shown its fangs in the international market. In the middle of 2019, this coffee shop has arrived in Malaysia.

The number of shops in Indonesia has reached more than 15, including Jakarta, Medan, Semarang, and Surabaya. All of them sell local Indonesian coffees whose quality is trusted.

Not only providing quality coffees, Tanamera also provides training in basic coffee-making techniques. This mentoring is done by professional baristas. Those of you who are interested in this training can come directly to Serpong, Tangerang.

The quality of the products from this modern coffee shop has been proven through the various awards that have been obtained. One of them is Tanamera has received an award from the international coffee award 44 times.

4. Coffee Janji Jiwa

Young people who love coffee are no strangers to coffee, the promise of the soul. In 2020, the soul’s promise has a target to go international. They believe that the products presented are suitable for entering foreign markets. Which Coffee Brands Use Robusta Beans.

The coffee team promises the soul wants people to know the taste of coffee mixed with the sweetness of palm sugar, which is typical of the soul’s promise coffee. This is the mainstay of coffee products offered by coffee, which was viral on social media because of its achievements in processing coffee beans.

The promised soul coffee shop has received an award from MURI for its achievement as the fastest growing coffee shop in just one year. Currently, Kopi Janji soul is focusing on increasing the number of outlets throughout Indonesia.

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5. Journal Coffee

Journal Coffee expansion plans began to be echoed in mid-2018. They are eyeing the market at strategic international airports.

Not without reason, Journal Coffee dares to do this. This local coffee brand has received an award from the 2018 FAB Award. They won in the category of airport coffee, tea, non-alcoholic beverage shop of the year.

The mainstay of the coffee shop is the original Wamena coffee from Papua. Apart from Wamena coffee, there are also various other types of local coffee that you can enjoy.

6. Banjar Patroman Coffee

This local coffee brand originates from the City of Banjar, West Java. Initially, Kopi Banjar Patrolman only provided Luwak coffee, but now it has succeeded in adding new coffee menus, one of which is natural coffee.

The Banjar Patrolman coffee product is not only in demand by residents, foreign people are also interested in the product. This is evidenced by the export activities of this West Java coffee brand.

The raw materials used are directly obtained from farmers around West Java. This shop is deliberately introducing West Java coffee which has high quality. Which Coffee Brands Use Robusta Beans.

7. Otten Coffee

This well-known local coffee business has successfully entered foreign markets. Many other coffee products have been exported to various countries. One of the destination countries is Korea which is addicted to mandating coffee products.

Not only green beans, roasted coffee is in great demand overseas such as America, Australia, Singapore, Africa, and Japan. The business system that otten coffee designed is very neat.

They have a reliable marketing strategy by cooperating with several coffee bloggers and producing many articles about coffee on their official website. Do not forget to also take advantage of online channels that have been optimized for effective marketing media.

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8. Coffee Minang

This typical West Sumatra Arabica coffee received a positive response from Uncle Sam’s country. The demand for green bean imports from this country is very much. Which Coffee Brands Use Robusta Beans.

They want Minang coffee to be available as much as 20 tons of green beans per week, as reported by the daily Indonesia. id. Unfortunately, Minang coffee managers have not been able to afford it considering the limitations of existing tools.

Not only Americans are interested, it turns out that Minang coffee has also attracted Australian attention. Not as much as America, they want 2 tons of green beans per month. Even so, Minang coffee is still not fully able to provide green beans productively.

9. Coffee Memories

The success of memorable coffee in attracting domestic customers is based on the background of cheap and popular coffee prices. One of the coffee memory founders once said that in Indonesia there are still few coffee shops that provide affordable coffee prices.

The strategy is also successful by choosing a memorable brand name. Everyone must have memories that are not easy to forget, that’s the reason for choosing the name coffee memories.

This local brand has also attracted foreign investors from India and America. Two investors from America are Jay-Z, who is a famous rapper in America, and Serena Williams, a professional tennis athlete from America.

10. Coffee Kapal Api

Who doesn’t know this instant coffee brand? This legendary instant coffee is originally from Indonesia. However, its existence has reached foreign countries. Which Coffee Brands Use Robusta Beans.

In the Bamboo Curtain country, for example, there the fireship triumphed too. The reason is that there are so many online businesses that market shipbuilding products there.

Each local coffee brand has its uniqueness. Of course, you can try them one by one and which one do you like the most?

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