What is The Best Robusta Coffee Tree?

What is The Best Robusta Coffee Tree. Drinking coffee is a popular culture that is very popular with the people. For lovers of this drink, just drinking it will not be enough to give satisfaction. But he also has to know what kind of coffee he drinks and find out which types of coffee have the most delicious aroma and taste.

Several studies have found that 2 types of coffee that are very popular also have the best quality and taste, namely Arabica and Robusta coffee. These two types of coffee are the types of coffee that dominate the coffee market around the world today. Therefore, various countries are in an uproar to cultivate it. Like Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia, which are among the largest coffee producing countries in the world.

Even though they are both popular types of coffee, basically the two types of coffee are very different. The location of the difference can be seen from several aspects, namely:

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Arabica coffee

  • From the aspect of its shape, Arabica coffee beans are slightly oval, elongated, appear flat and have a smooth texture.
    The shape of Arabica coffee beans tends to be oval.
  • From the aspect of taste, Arabica coffee has a rich and varied taste. It is a sour taste that is not found in other types of coffee but still has a strong sweet taste. What is The Best Robusta Coffee Tree.
  • From the aspect of aroma, Arabica coffee smells good like the aroma of flowers and sweet fruits after being roasted.
  • This coffee can grow well on high land, which is about 700-1700 meters above sea level with a temperature of 16-20 ° C.
  • This type of coffee tree can grow up to 3 meters.
  • The caffeine content is only about 0.8% to 14%. It is low when compared to the caffeine content contained in other types of coffee.
  • From the marketing aspect, Arabica coffee is superior to other types of coffee. Namely controlling about 70% of the world level market.
  • Prices tend to be high.

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Robusta coffee

  • In terms of shape, slightly different from Arabica coffee types which are oval and elongated, this Robusta type coffee is rounder and smaller than the size of Arabica coffee beans. The texture also tends to be rough.
  • From the aspect of taste, there are many people who think that the taste of Robusta coffee resembles the taste of chocolate. Tends to be bitter like the characteristic taste of coffee in general.
  • From the aspect of aroma, Robusta coffee smells like beans before roasting.
  • This coffee can only grow in the lowlands, which is about 400-700 meters above the earth’s surface with a temperature of 21-24 ° C.
  • The tree can only grow to about 1 to 2 meters. Tends to be shorter than the Arabica coffee tree. What is The Best Robusta Coffee Tree.
  • This type of coffee has a high caffeine content, which is 2%, about two times higher than Arabica coffee.
  • The marketing mastery aspect only reaches 30% of the world market marketing level.
  • The price is somewhat lower.

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From the description of the differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee types above, it seems that Arabica coffee is more attractive to the world’s eyes so that it is superior in its marketing field. However, Robusta coffee also has advantages that Arabica coffee does not.

That is, because the trees can grow and survive in any climate, the number of seeds produced will also be greater. On the other hand, Arabica coffee can only survive in certain climates and is susceptible to pests, so there are not too many beans produced. What is The Best Robusta Coffee Tree.

In addition, for coffee connoisseurs, they are sometimes challenged to consume Robusta coffee, which has a higher bitter content. In conclusion, these two coffees both have advantages and disadvantages that are only owned by each type and not owned by other types of coffee.

Both of them grow with their own characteristics and that characteristic is their weapon to compete to attract the attention of coffee lovers around the world. Waahh .. the appeal of coffee is truly extraordinary! Of course, because the taste is so seductive it is difficult to describe. But, it’s not just delicious, coffee also has benefits for health as well as beauty. What is The Best Robusta Coffee Tree.

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