The Best Robusta coffee plants in the world

The Best Robusta coffee plants in the world. If we go to a coffee shop now, we must be very familiar with what is called specialty coffee, but the most famous is definitely the specialty arabica, have you ever heard of specialty robusta, or have you ever tasted a cup of specialty robusta coffee.

As a coffee connoisseur, you must know what kind of coffee that many people are looking for, what coffee people often drink, and the answer is of course Arabica coffee. But make no mistake, robusta coffee is also a lover, it doesn’t mean they don’t understand that there are 2 types of robusta and arabica in this world, but they prefer robusta, maybe out of habit or because the taste is familiar when you add milk.

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The Best Robusta coffee plants in the world

Robusta coffee is definitely more delicious if you add milk, even our parents are still very comfortable with milk coffee, even though the arabica that is served definitely has to be added with milk. With the robusta character that has a thick body, milk makes an attractive partner, so when you drink your tongue you will be spoiled with a thick and sweet blend of milk, of course you can imagine how it tastes right?

However, because generally coffee shops always collect various Arabica specialties, many think that robusta has no selling value, even farmers think so. So they are coffee farmers in low planting areas and can only be planted with robusta, not paying too much attention to the robusta coffee plant. Even the method of picking the coffee is haphazard, not a few are involved in tree branches, and then it is also processed to the next stage, whether it is washing or drying the coffee cherries.


The Best Robusta coffee plants in the world. In Indonesia, there are still many who have high hopes for Robusta coffee. It has been proven in several coffee-producing regions to make Robusta coffee a souvenir that is typical of the region. But for sure Robusta coffee powder is sold to those who love milk coffee, of course, it is clear that Robusta still has a promising market. We all know that robusta contributes around 35% of the world’s coffee needs, and is mostly used for commercial needs and also for instant coffee blends. Unlike the specialty Arabica which is brewed directly, most Robusta coffee is first mixed, whether it is with sugar or milk, then it is delicious. Then is there any chance for specialty robusta to attract the robusta market today?


The Best Robusta coffee plants in the world. It is not a young matter to change the habits of robusta coffee farmers to become specialty robusta producers, whereas by changing the cultivation habits of plant cultivation, robusta has the opportunity to be better understood by the market. For baristas who are looking for the character of their houseblend espresso, they definitely need robusta as the ingredient, because there are several flavors that arabica is unable to evoke the authentic taste of espresso. In fact, some experts argue that poor handling of robusta has made the robusta taste unattractive.

Robusta does not have a complex flavor character like arabica, but robusta is able to evoke a taste character that arabica is incapable of when mixed with other beverage ingredients such as syrup or milk for cappuccino dishes. In fact, several countries have seriously raised the potential of their robusta production, with the specialty robusta competition program such as in Ecuador and also the Q-Robusta training programs to determine the robusta quality.


The Best Robusta coffee plants in the world. It is no secret that the robusta coffee plant has stronger resistance to pests than the Arabica coffee plant. This is very beneficial for farmers in terms of processing, unlike the Arabica coffee plant which requires more handling costs. However, the challenge is that the storage period for robusta coffee beans is not as good as the storage period for Arabica coffee, maybe this is due to the ambient temperature of storage. Another challenge is that there is still little educational assistance for robusta coffee farmers, both independent and government-owned organizations, because many still think that robusta does not have a high potential selling value. Even so, I personally believe that there will be times when robusta will come to the attention of the entire world coffee community.

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