How long will coffee’s effect last to keep us awake?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks to get rid of drowsiness. So, how long can coffee’s effect last to keep us fresh?

How long does coffee last in the body?

Coffee contains caffeine which can stimulate the nervous system to increase heart rate and blood pressure. In addition, caffeine can also increase the supply of energy in the body and improve mood. This makes people who drink coffee feel refreshed and awake.

However, of course the effect of this coffee will not last long or throughout the day. Over time the effect of coffee will decrease and decrease.

Reporting from the pages of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the effects of caffeine will last 3-5 hours from the time it first enters the bloodstream. This time period is called the half-life, which is the length of time it takes the body to remove some of the substances it has consumed.

This means that a person consuming 40 mg of caffeine will have 20 mg of caffeine left in their system after 5 hours. The remaining caffeine is what can then last a long time in your body. However, the effect in the blood will peak after 15 to 45 minutes of consumption.

Therefore, at these times some people may feel restless, want to urinate, or suddenly feel excited. These symptoms will then begin to disappear as caffeine starts to be broken down or metabolized.

In fact, there is no definite time how long the effects of coffee in the body will last. It all depends on the dose, type of coffee drunk, age, body weight, and sensitivity to caffeine.

When your body is very sensitive to caffeine, the effects can last for hours even into the next day. Conversely, if the body is immune to the caffeine in coffee, the effect may be almost imperceptible.

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coffee effect.
coffee effect.

Caffeine side effects in the body

The caffeine in coffee can indeed make your day more excited, especially when you have to complete a pile of work. But that doesn’t mean coffee doesn’t have side effects that bother the body and can last quite a long time.

The caffeine in coffee has a series of other side effects such as:

Make you nervous
Stomach ache
Fast or irregular heartbeat
Breath rate increases
Feel restless
Also, in some cases caffeine can exacerbate already felt fatigue. If you feel really tired, don’t force yourself to stay awake and awake by drinking coffee. It would be much better if you take a break to recover.

The caffeine in coffee is also a substance that can have an addictive effect if it has been a long time or is used to drinking it. When you get used to drinking caffeine and suddenly don’t drink it or stop this habit, there will be various symptoms that appear.

People who stop drinking coffee even though they are used to it often experience various symptoms such as:

Feel tired and discouraged
Easy to get angry
Muscle ache
Nausea or stomach pain
Less focus
Headaches or migraines
These symptoms can usually be resolved when you return to drinking coffee. Therefore, don’t stop drinking coffee suddenly so that this effect doesn’t appear and bother you for a long time.

So that the symptoms that appear are not too severe, try to reduce the intake of coffee you drink every day. That way, the body can adapt well.

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