16 Cafe Equipment You Need When Starting A Coffee Shop

Having your café is certainly a dream for some people. Many entrepreneurs are successful in their life by starting from a culinary business such as a café or restaurant. With the development of modern society and the shifting habits of young people who currently prefer to hang out while drinking coffee, it is certainly a good opportunity to start a café business. Cafe Equipment

With the development of modern society and the shifting habits of young people who currently prefer to hang out while drinking coffee, it is certainly a good opportunity to start a café business.

When starting, you shouldn’t bother thinking about how much capital to start a large-scale coffee shop business. Start gradually, even though you only have minimal capital, dare to buy cafe equipment and decorate the room. When buying equipment, don’t forget to invest your budget in technology to make cafe operations easier.

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Cafe Equipment that Coffee Shop Needs

Interested in setting up a café business? Here are the coffee shop equipment you need if you want to start your coffee shop.

1. Coffee Grinder (Coffee Grinder)
2. Drip Coffee Maker
3. Moka Pot
4. Espresso Coffee Machine
5. Equipment For Cooking
6. Container For Cooking
7. Equipment For Baking
8. Food Storing Equipment
9. Equipment for storing drinking water
10. Silverware
11. Glassware
12. Blenders & Juicers
13. Cleaning Equipment
14. Air Conditioning
15. Security Equipment
16. Cashier Application (Point of Sale)

With this equipment, of course, it will support your café operations and help expedite your business in serving customers. So what is the equipment? Check out below.

1. Coffee Grinder (Coffee Grinder)

This is the most essential tool in producing coffee and is most needed in a coffee shop. A coffee grinder or what is often known as a coffee grinder is the most important tool that you must have if you want to open a coffee shop.

The perfection of coffee taste is usually born from the proper and perfect process of grinding coffee beans. So if you want to produce quality coffee and want to satisfy the tongue of every customer who visits your coffee shop, then you must have a coffee grinder.

2. Drip Coffee Maker

Coffee shops have a lot of equipment that should help process coffee, such as drip coffee makers. Drip coffee maker makes your coffee offer more delicious and quality.

This one tool has been chosen because the price is more affordable and maintenance is cheaper. Most modern drip coffee makers are also pre-programmed so they tend to be fully automated.

And this machine can brew up to 12 cups of coffee at the same time. This of course can save you time to serve your customers, so they don’t wait too long

3. Moka Pot

Moka Pot is one of the tools commonly used to help brew coffee. The Moka Pot is often referred to as the espresso stove. Usually, the coffee produced by Moka Pot has a unique and delicious taste, with a thicker character.

The Moka Pot is composed of three parts: The basic part functions as a water storage container, the middle part functions as a filter and is used for storing ground coffee.

While the third part is the part that is used to accommodate the finished coffee. Small and large scale coffee shops need this type of equipment. It’s not uncommon for some coffee franchises to include Moka Pot in their sales packages.

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4. Espresso Coffee Machine

This commercial / professional espresso machine is every barista’s dream machine and is the machine that every coffee shop craves.

The appearance of this machine is so fierce, manly, and tough its performance. Usually, those who use this type of espresso coffee machine are professional baristas and are very experienced in how to operate it.

So if you want to set up a large-scale coffee shop, and you have sufficient capital, then you can consider buying this espresso machine. You will not regret it if you already know the quality of the coffee produced.

5. Equipment For Cooking

Of course, your cafe will serve delicious food for consumers. Therefore you need cooking equipment and food processing. This is the right time for you to buy a stove of the highest quality.

If you want to open a café on a large scale, then choose a stove that has a large stove capacity. This is important to shorten your chef’s cooking time when the café is crowded and there are lots of orders.

6. Container For Cooking

In addition to the stove, of course, you must have a container to process your dishes such as stockpots, frying pans, wok pans, braiser pans, and also a pan for sautéing vegetables. If you have a café that serves a variety of dishes such as Asian menus and Western menus, it is recommended that you buy all types of pans.

7. Equipment For Baking

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You will also need baking equipment, such as an oven, toaster, gas torch flame gun, and grill roaster. Many food menus will be more delicious when baked, such as beef patties, steaks, pizzas, and various barbecue menus.

You need to prepare this equipment in your cafe. Don’t forget to prepare baking utensils such as charcoal, brush, food tongs, spatula, and aluminum foil.

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