10 Ways to Make Coffee

Coffee friends must have known that there are various ways to make coffee, from manual to automatic using an espresso machine. Recently, coffee shops have started to appear that offer various methods of making manual coffee. You can also buy these manual coffee making tools yourself and you just have to learn the methods which are not difficult if you try them regularly.

Well, here are 10 ways to make coffee. Which way have you tried? Or maybe you often make it at home?

Drip Method (Coffee Drops)

This method is also known as the Filter Method. To date, the drip method is the most popular way of making coffee because of its simplicity and efficiency.

Ways of making :

Water is poured into ground coffee which is placed on filter paper, leading to the coffee vessel. To brew it, simply heat the coffee vessel and the coffee is ready to serve. According to Andanu Prasetyo, this method is very interesting because the results are very soft but rich in taste! Are you curious? Check out the complete tutorial for making your coffee with this method at home. Ways to Make Coffee.

French Press

Well, this one method you must have met very often in coffee shops. French Press has another name Plunger or Cafetiere. The French Press method extracts the most flavor of ground coffee and is the second most popular method. The price of the equipment is also affordable and can be found everywhere.

Try to buy your favorite coffee beans at the coffee shop, continue to make your coffee using the French Press method at home. The method is really simple! If so, don’t forget to mention us.

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Turkish Coffee

Also called the Arab Method. This method is probably the origin of the way coffee was first made and the coffee that is produced also has a very strong and concentrated taste. Surely not everyone will like this type of coffee. If you want to try it, there is a Turkish cafe in the Gunawarman area, Jakarta that sells this coffee. I don’t know about the taste of the clutch because I have never tried it. Maybe you who have tried it can tell us? Ways to Make Coffee.

Ways of making :

Coffee is ground manually using a mortar and pestle, or using a coffee grinder called kahve değirmeni, then placed in a vessel called ibrik with sugar and water. Then this mixture is brought to a boil three times and poured into cups.

Percolator (Coffee Filter)

The percolator was the most common coffee maker before the Drip Method was invented, but now you may see this tool more often in old movies. The reason is because the coffee is not delicious. Hehehe…

Ways of making :

The water circulates through the container at the bottom, then goes to the ground coffee above it, then gets upwards until it’s ready to become coffee. It smells good but the taste is not that good.

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Have you ever been to a coffee shop surely know this espresso machine? This machine is the most common tool in coffee shops. Espresso machines are manual and automatic. In most coffee shops they use manual Espresso machines. If you make it at home, most people prefer an automatic Espresso machine because it is more practical. But maybe some people have other opinions. Ways to Make Coffee.

You could say, the espresso machine is one of the most sophisticated coffee machines because almost everything is completely automatic (for example, temperature settings), although it cannot be denied that the barista’s hand still determines the taste of a cup of coffee produced.

By the way, the coffee geeks out there are excited about the super sophisticated espresso machine called Steampunk, have you heard of it yet?


This method is also known as a siphon. The way this tool works is very slow and the process is unique. Worth a try!

Ways of making :

Water is heated to a boil in a glass teapot. On top of the teapot was placed a glass vessel filled with ground coffee. The hot water will rise to the glass vessel filled with ground coffee, stirring briefly for about one minute. In this glass vessel, the coffee is ready to be served but there are still coffee grounds. Now, when the temperature of the glass jug at the bottom has cooled, the coffee water in the glass vessel will drop down (due to gravity and pressure differences). The coffee grounds will remain on top because of the filter paper. The coffee is then ready to be served!

Cold Water Method

Coffee with the cold water method is also commonly referred to as cold brew coffee. This method is only suitable for those who are very patient waiting for the coffee to be ready because this coffee must be allowed to stand for about 12 hours before it is ready to be served. It is said that reportedly, cold coffee is friendly for those of you whose stomach is sensitive to coffee acids. This coffee can be served hot, with ice cubes, or mixed with ice and other ingredients such as chocolate.

Cold coffee has also begun to be formulated in several coffee shops in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. The mix in each coffee shop also tastes different, depending on the barista’s creativity. But if you are patient enough to wait 12 hours, why not try making cold coffee yourself at home? Ways to Make Coffee.

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Neapolitan Flip

Also called Reversible Drip Pot. From the picture, this tool looks like two overlapping coffee cups.

Ways of making :

Between the two cups is a filter that has been filled with ground coffee. The bottom cup is filled with water and heated to a boil. Then this tool is removed from the stove and turned over. The water will then flow through the filter and ground coffee, then drip into the bottom coffee cup (which was on top).

Instant Coffee

If this is of course the most familiar way to make coffee for all of us. You don’t need to explain anymore. Ways to Make Coffee.

Single Serve Coffee Machine

This machine is suitable for those who like practical things. There is no need to bother calculating the dose of ground coffee because the ground coffee is packaged in a package that matches the amount to make a cup of coffee which is called a coffee pod. Just put the package in the coffee machine and bring it to a boil like the way you use an Espresso machine.

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