10 Best Coffee Maker Machine Recommendations

Let’s make delicious, cafe-flavored coffee using this good and electricity-saving best brand of coffee maker.

Enjoying the morning accompanied by a cup of coffee seems to have become a routine for most people. By mixing it yourself using a coffee maker available at home, you can more freely determine the amount and the desired extraction result. However, do you have a coffee maker or coffee maker at home? If not, you must have it now!

We will accompany your journey to find the best coffee maker. In this article, we will share recommendations for the best coffee makers. There are various coffee machines that you can use, from super-automatic, automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and professional coffee machines. Of course, each type of coffee machine has a different sophistication, function, and price.

Delonghi, Oxone, Cosmos, and Black & Decker are some of the coffee machine manufacturers that you can find in Indonesia. You need to adjust your needs and your idealistic side to this coffee extraction machine. Here we show you ten of the best coffee machine brands especially for you. Happy choosing!

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1. Black & Decker DCM25B1 Coffee Maker

Price range: check on the online shop

Compact sized machine that takes up less space on your desk
You can place this coffee machine on your office table or home kitchen space. The minimalist size will not take up a lot of space on your table. This automatic coffee maker can be your mainstay for enjoying a cup of coffee every day. With a capacity of about 180 ml or 1 cup, you will be more satisfied with the resulting cup of coffee.

Black & Dekker designed this coffee maker in a compact and compact form with dimensions of length 13.97 cm, width 13.97, and height 17.78 cm. Specially designed for individual needs or more in one office or home space. The plastic material used makes this machine easy for you to move. You can also use this best coffee maker to make other drinks such as tea, beer, and so on.

2. Electric Siphon Coffee Maker

Price range: check on the online shop

A little tricky but able to produce an authentic coffee taste
Siphon is a manual coffee machine that first appeared in Germany around the 1830s. The mechanism for using this machine is different from espresso coffee machines or other types. For those of you who want to learn to produce coffee with an authentic taste, the Electric Siphon Coffee Maker is worth trying. This product is capable of producing 3 cups of coffee at once, perfect for those of you who want to enjoy coffee with your loved one on a sunny morning.

This ground coffee maker can produce a bitter taste if the coffee is left to extract too long. If the processing is correct, the resulting taste tends to be softer with a texture like tea. It’s a little tricky when making coffee with this tool. However, it doesn’t take long to learn it, you can feel the experience and satisfaction when you succeed in bringing delicious coffee from this one machine.

3. Delonghi ICM15210 Drip Coffee Maker

Price range: check on the online shop

Can serve 10 cups of hot coffee to accompany everyone’s morning time
Want to provide a good coffee machine that can be used for many people in one room? You must choose this product from Delonghi. Delonghi presents a coffee maker with a drip method which is known for its simplicity and practical value. Only by placing coffee grounds on the filter provided and pouring water from above, you can immediately sip the warmth of coffee with your office colleagues.

This latte, Nescafe, espresso, or cappuccino coffee maker has a capacity of 10 cups. Weighing only 1.7 kg, you will not be bothered if you have to move the machine to another corner of the table. Delonghi’s auto shut off feature on this coffee machine will be useful for users who forget to turn off the machine after use. This product requires an electric power of 900 W to operate.

4. Matrix ET-600 Coffee Grinder

Price range: check on the online shop

Grinder-type coffee maker that saves electricity!
Although designed as a coffee grinder, the Matrix ET-600 can also be converted into an espresso machine for shorter serving times. When using the manual brewing method, this bean coffee maker can be adjusted to 8 levels of fineness. Number 8 leaves coarse-textured coffee and number 1 can serve espresso coffee with the smoothest texture.

When using this product, you need to remember that processing the coffee with the smoothest level can cause the grinder blade to dull more quickly. To reduce this impact, make sure you alternate using this coffee grinder for heavy usage. This best coffee maker is quite energy efficient. With only 100 W of electricity consumption, you can use the Matrix ET-600 for a home, cafe, or coffee shop scale.

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5. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio 2 – Red

Price range: check on the online shop

Don’t make your electricity bill increase thanks to the auto-shutdown feature!
This coffee brewing device ensures the aroma of the coffee is maintained so that your drinks have the best taste. With a pressure of up to 15 bars, you can feel the brew of any cafe-style coffee. Designed in a unique shape, this home coffee maker will fit perfectly into your room. Anyone who sees this tool will be amazed by its elegant and stylish appearance.

How do you want your coffee served? All you can create with this Nescafe Dolce Guston Gunio 2 – Red. For making hot and cold coffee, this machine is capable of doing it. Not only that, but you can also save more energy when using this tool. The reason is, Nescafe Dolce Gusto can turn off the engine automatically after not being used for 5 minutes.

6. Hario EVCG-8B Electric Coffee Grinder

Price range: check on the online shop

Set the level of coffee grind you want up to 50 levels!
The electric coffee grinder machine created by Hario can make it easy for those of you who are lazy to brew manually. This Japanese electric coffee grinder can be adjusted to the ground level of up to 50 levels, from the smoothest to coarse levels. With a wide selection of grind levels, you can also explore applying different brewing methods with this machine that consumes 150 W of power.

Hario specifically designed this tool so that the ground coffee powder directly enters the V60 dripper using a switch pad. The conical burr is made of stainless steel to maintain consistency and reduce heat transfer into the coffee. This best coffee maker is also equipped with operation buttons (on, off, and auto) which will spoil every user when operating the grinder.

7. Cosmos Coffee Maker CCM

Price range: check on the online shop

Although economical, this product can brew up to 6 cups of coffee, you know!
Don’t have a big budget but still want the best quality coffee machine? Don’t worry! Cosmos creates coffee makers at economical prices. This coffee maker is made of food-grade material so it is safe. This proven material will not transfer or transfer harmful substances into the coffee drink made by this tool.

When operated, the Cosmos CCM-308 only requires 600 W of electricity consumption. This product, which provides a capacity of 650 ml, allows you to serve up to 6 cups of coffee. Cosmos also complements this tool with a lock that secures you when you want to put or take the teapot from the machine.

8. Oxone Coffee & Tea Maker OX

Price range: check on the online shop

Enjoy each piece of biscuit accompanied by coffee or hot tea processed by this machine
Not only able to make coffee drinks, Oxone OX-212 can also produce delicious tasting hot tea. With a sophisticated filtration system, this product will produce the aroma and taste of coffee and tea that is so strong. If you are a lover of these two types of caffeinated drinks, this product from Oxone is worth choosing.

The design that is designed with an emphasis on convenience will not make you confused when you first use it. Oxone OX-212 binds this coffee and tea maker with black domination. In the water reservoir, there is an indicator for the water capacity so you can take measurements to get the right amount. The capacity of the water tank alone can hold up to 6 cups of 200 ml coffee and tea or 9 small cups in one serving.

9. Electrolux Coffee Maker ECM

Price range: check on the online shop

Armed with a drip-free valve, you don’t have to bother wiping the heater
The detachable components of the filter and housing will make it easier for you to clean them. We recommend you this best coffee maker for use in the office, cafe, or even your home as it is often used as a hangout place with friends. With just one processing process, this machine can provide up to 12 cups of coffee.

The water level indicator is listed on the coffee container or pot so it can be adjusted according to your needs. The valve that is attached to the filter basket has been embedded with an anti-drip feature. Thanks to this feature, you won’t be bothered to clean the remaining water droplets on the heating plate. This one option is ideal for those of you who want to serve coffee to more people practically and more shortly.

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10. Severin Coffee Maker KA

Price range: check on the online shop
Provide hot drinks, whether coffee or tea, to friends who visit the house
If you want to enjoy hot coffee every day at home without spending a lot of money, this power-efficient coffee maker from Severin is worth considering. Severin offers a machine that can create coffee like the brew of reliable baristas in well-known coffee shops. With this tool, you can experience a cup of coffee with the perfect aroma and taste without having to visit your favorite coffee shop.

This German-made coffee machine can load up to 10 cups of coffee with just one brew. It is suitable for gatherings that you hold at home. You can not only bring delicious coffee drinks, but you can also use Severin KA 4479 to make tea for visiting relatives.

After you find the best coffee machine to accompany your days at home or office, do the first brewing experiment first. The goal is to get rid of the new aroma on the machine. However, on the second brew, you can enjoy it immediately.

Don’t forget to be diligent about cleaning your coffee machine so that there is no build-up of dirt or residue that can change the taste of the coffee you make. By having your coffee maker, you will find it easier when you want to drink it, right? If you find this article useful, we are very happy if you would like to share this article with your friends. thanks.

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