Understanding About Coffee Machines

Understanding About Coffee Machines, For coffee lovers, the espresso machine is the most important tool in making premium coffee. The price is not cheap, so you have to prepare a budget for long-term investment. Usually, the espresso machine chosen is a semi-automatic machine, which means that other stages are still being carried out, namely grinder, dosing, tamping, etc. You also don’t have enough with an espresso machine, because you have to provide other accessories such as tampers, pitcher, thermometer, timer, demitasse, shot glass, knock box, and grinder.

Before deciding to buy an espresso machine, you also have to consider several things, namely:

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1. Making espresso is not as easy as imagined

Making a 30 ml espresso doesn’t work right away on the first shots, you need to be patient and keep trying. Even a barista can get it wrong on the initial 3-5 shots while continuing to adjust the grind setting. The extraction time must be right, you need to be painstaking, and it’s not uncommon for the espresso-making to foul the surrounding area. Coffee grounds can scatter and the espresso liquid that stains tables and floors if not cleaned immediately will leave an impression and be difficult to clean.

2. Electricity

Make sure you have electricity above 3500 watts. Group espresso machines will consume more than 1200 watts of power. So if you choose a two group espresso machine, the electric power needed is around watts. Understanding About Coffee Machines.

3. Heat the espresso machine

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Besides that working in front of an espresso machine is not as comfortable as it seems. The espresso machine will emit heat energy as a result of the boiler boiling water and you could be splashed with hot water. Understanding About Coffee Machines.

4. Cleaning the espresso machine

Perform regular maintenance from cleaning the group head, backflush, to descaling. You need to pay attention to the group head because it will affect the taste of coffee. A group head that is dirty or polluted by dirt from the extraction of coffee will make the coffee taste less delicious and the machine cannot work optimally. Therefore, deciding to buy an espresso machine is akin to committing to taking care of it. Understanding About Coffee Machines.

There are several espresso machines that you can choose depending on your needs:

Super-automatic engine

All the tasks of the barista namely grinding, compacting and heating can be performed by this type of machine. How to use it is very easy, just by pressing one button and this espresso machine will make coffee according to the selected menu. The difference from a super-automatic machine is in its functionality and programming options. Delonghi and Jura are one that belongs to this type.

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Automatic machine

Automatic machines or pod coffee machines are characterized by using capsules for making coffee. Machines such as Dolce Gusto and Nespresso belong to this type. You can choose this type of machine if you make coffee as needed, its use is more practical and the advantages of this type of machine are its cool design and futuristic style. Understanding About Coffee Machines.

Semi-automatic machine

This type of machine is recommended for coffee enthusiasts who want to enjoy daily coffee at home. A semi-automatic espresso machine helps users to measure the coffee in the right amount. There are several functions in the semi-automatic type machine including a boiler, portafilter, and a lever to produce extraction. However, when using this type of machine, you still have to grind and tamp the espresso before starting to extract the coffee. There are two types of semi-automatic espresso machines: manual control and programmable doses. When you use manual control, you need to stop the machine when the coffee is poured as needed, usually the extraction process takes about seconds. Meanwhile, programmable dosage needs to be adjusted to how many ml of coffee we need, after that the machine will stop itself when the coffee reaches the amount we set at the beginning. Bezzera belongs to this type of machine.

Manual machine

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The manual espresso machine looks elegant and classic. Users are in full control of coffee making. The user must grind the coffee beans themselves, tamping them, adjust the temperature and pressure, as well as the extraction time. In general, this type of machine has more complete functional features such as a boiler, steam pressure gauge, portafilter, and manual lever to control the length of the espresso extraction manually. La Pavoni, Gaggia, Bezzera BZ10, and Bezzera Eagle Dome are examples of manual espresso machines. You are advised to choose this machine if you want to learn to be a barista at home. Understanding About Coffee Machines.

Commercial / professional machines

This type of machine is big, fierce, and tough. You can choose this type of machine if its usage is more technical. Experienced baristas and large coffee shops that focus on the quality of their coffee will prefer commercial machines. Also, this type of machine draws about amps of electric power in a capacity of 220 volts. Commercial machines consist of more than two groups, having steam boilers (either unit or separate boilers). Variations of this type of machines are Bezzera Arcadia, and Bezzera B2013.

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