How To Make Green Coffee And Its Benefits For The Body

How To Make Green Coffee And Its Benefits For The Body, Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, even for some people drinking coffee has become a daily necessity. If you are a coffee connoisseur, you must try to make green coffee.

Green coffee or green coffee refers to coffee produced from coffee beans that have not been roasted. The naming of coffee beans has occurred since 1100 AD in the Arab region on the Red Sea. At that time, roasting had not been implemented so coffee beans were immediately brewed to create a tea-like beverage. Green beans are still used in many forms of traditional Arabic coffee.

Green Coffee Has Many Health Benefits

Allegedly, the chlorogenic acid in coffee has many health benefits. Green coffee is becoming popular for weight loss. Some consume green coffee to treat obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and bacterial infections. The maximum dose of drinking green coffee is 480 mg per day, provided that you don’t consume green coffee for more than 12 weeks.

If you take it in extract form, the maximum dose is 200 mg 5 times a day for 12 weeks. You can add honey, lemon, lime, ginger, cinnamon, and milk to add to the enjoyment of coffee. Here’s how to make coffee and its benefits for the body.

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1. The traditional way to make green coffee

– The first stage you can prepare green coffee beans that are still raw and dry.
– Then wash the green coffee beans thoroughly, be careful when washing them not too hard, so that the outside of the coffee does not erode.
After that, boil the coffee beans at a rate of 1: 3 or 1 cup of green coffee with 3 cups of water.
– Boil green coffee until it boils.
– When it’s boiling, reduce the heat while stirring. Wait up to 12 minutes.
– After that, filter the water from the green coffee. You can add honey to make it even more delicious.
– Green coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

2. How to make green coffee using the Drip Method

This technique is a way of making popular coffee that many people do because it is relatively simple and efficient.
– First, ground green coffee is placed on filter paper above the coffee funnel.
– Then pour hot water over the coffee.
– Then soak using hot water by heating the vessel.
– Green coffee is ready to be served.

3. How to make green coffee using the French Press technique

The French press method is often found in coffee shops. French press can extract the various flavors found in ground coffee.
– Pour sufficiently ground green coffee into the French press.
– Put the hot water that has been drained for 1 minute in the French press.
– Make sure you put hot water into the French press with a position that is higher than the French press. This can create water bubbles which will make the coffee smell more delicious.
– Then stir evenly, the longer it is stirred it will create a more unified coffee aroma and taste.
– The last process is to press coffee slowly using the French press lid.
– Put the coffee mixture into the cup, the coffee is ready to be served.

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4. How to make green coffee with the Turkish coffee technique

The Turkish coffee method is also known as the Arabic method. This method is the beginning of how to make green coffee for the first time.
– First of all, manually grinding coffee using a mortar or coffee grinder until it becomes powder.
– Then, put the coffee grounds in the vessel with a mixture of sugar and water.
– Stir this mixture and let stand 3 times.
– Green coffee is ready to be served.

Here are the benefits of green coffee for the body:

Coffee or green coffee is a healthy drink that is most widely consumed by people in the world because it contains compounds that other types of coffee do not have.

– The epigallocatechin gallate compound, this compound can protect the inner tissues of the body against free radicals and supports the burning of excess fat in the body.

– Polyphenol compounds, this compound consists of catekinet substances, epikatekingalat substances, galokatekin substances which are useful for curing cancer, heart disease, and others.

– The vitamins contained in green coffee are B vitamins, which are supported by vitamin C and vitamin E, where the three vitamins are very good for maintaining healthy skin from within, maintaining endurance, and healthy nerves and blood vessels.

– In addition, there are also substances that support faster fat burning consisting of polysaccharides, amino acids, and caffeine and taenine.

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