7 Coffee Tools Needed by a Simple Coffee Shop

7 Coffee Tools Needed by a Simple Coffee Shop, 5 minutes The culture of drinking coffee in Indonesia is growing, as seen by the emergence of many coffee shops in various regions, from simple coffee shops to luxury coffee shops. When you want to open a coffee shop, there are 7 coffee tools that you must have, one of which is a coffee grinder.

Do you have the desire to open a shop or coffee shop? If so, surely now you are thinking about what coffee tools are suitable for your coffee shop later. When you want to open a coffee shop, you must have a plan beforehand, whether it’s a coffee shop concept plan like what you will open, how much budget do you have, what coffee equipment you will buy, and so on.

It is no less important that you should do when you want to open a coffee shop is to determine the concept of the coffee shop itself. Because this concept will be the basis for when you buy a coffee tool later. Since you will be opening a coffee shop, the main product you will sell is certainly coffee or coffee-based drinks. And to make coffee drinks, there are several kinds of methods that are often used in coffee shops.

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There is a manual brew method which is currently busy. And there is also a semi-automatic method, usually this method uses a very expensive espresso machine. You can use either of these methods at a coffee shop or combine the two methods.

When you have decided which method you will use for your coffee shop, then you can then find out what tools are suitable for your coffee shop. Let’s take an example, for example, you decide to use the manual brew method in your coffee shop, then what tools should you buy?

Coffee Tool Recommendations for Simple Coffee Shops

There are several recommendations for coffee tools that you must have when opening a coffee shop, what are they?

1. Grinder

Grinder is a coffee grinder. The grinder is a coffee tool that you must-have for the first time when you want to open a coffee shop. Why grinder? Can’t we buy coffee in powder form? So you don’t need a coffee grinder anymore? Okay, maybe some questions like that will arise. But believe me, to make a good cup of coffee, fresh coffee beans are needed, now we can get fresh coffee beans by grinding the coffee beans when they are brewing, in other words, if we buy coffee in powder form, then the freshness of the coffee has decreased.

Moreover, we are talking about the need for coffee shops which need a large amount of coffee powder, if we stock coffee in powder form, there is a concern that the coffee will no longer be fresh when brewed. But if we stock coffee in the form of beans and only grind it into powder when it is brewed, we can still get the freshness of the coffee. Most importantly, adjust your coffee stock to the needs of the coffee shop, because stocking large quantities of direct coffee is also not good.

Therefore, Grinder is the first mandatory tool that you must have. You can adjust the coffee shop budget to buy it. There are several choices of affordable yet high-quality Grinders that you can buy, such as the Grinder Feima 600N, or Krups. The two grinders are semi-automatic and must have used electricity to operate.

2. Espresso Maker

When you decide to use the concept of the manual brew method at your coffee shop, chances are that the contents of your coffee drink menu will be dominated by various manual brew methods, such as pour-over (v60, Kalita wave, tetra drip), Aeropress, Vietnam drip, french press, etc. Then what about the espresso menu? Relax, you can still make espresso with manual tools.

You can use a mocha pot as a substitute for an espresso machine which is extraordinarily expensive to make espresso. Apart from mocha pot, you can also use Aeropress, but the coffee produced by Aeropress will not be as thick as mocha pot. If there is an excess budget, you can consider buying a bellman stovetop tool. Especially for bellman, there are 3 types, there are bellman stovetop CX-25 (espresso + milk frothing), bellman stove top CX-25P (espresso + milk frothing + pressure gauge), bellman stove top CX-25S (only for milk frothing).

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3. Scale or scales

Scale is a tool that you must buy to complete the coffee tool collection in your coffee shop. Of course, this tool will be useful for measuring or weighing the coffee powder that you will use later so that no coffee powder is wasted.

For the problem of scale prices also vary, you can buy an affordable yami scale, if there is excess budget, you can buy a hario dripper scale.

4. Kettle or teapot

If you are steady using the manual brew method at a coffee shop you, then a kettle or gooseneck teapot you must have. Why do you have to have a kettle with a gooseneck? because with a long, sharp tip like a gooseneck shape, it will be easy to use when pouring in the pour-over method.

There are several kettle choices at attractive prices, you can consider a Yami-branded kettle, like the Yami Drip Kettle, or if you have more budget, you can buy a Hario brand kettle, like the Hario kettle Buono …

5. Pour-Over Tool

In the manual brew method, the most popular coffee drink is brewed with a pour-over or dripper technique. There are several types of tools that can be used in this pour-over or dripper technique, such as the V60-shaped dripper from the very famous Hario brand, and a waved dripper from Kalita. Apart from these two types of tools, there are several kinds of pour-over or other dripper tools. But there is rarely a demand, therefore just having these two tools is enough to fill the coffee maker collection in your shop.

6. French Press

With a french press tool, you can make coffee without pulp. French Press is a manual method of brewing coffee that is in great demand. The reason is quite simple, there is no method of brewing coffee that is as simple and easy as the French Press method but produces rich coffee flavors. Moreover, the price of french press on the market is cheap compared to other manual coffee makers.

You can already have a french press, if you have more budget there is nothing wrong with buying french press from the famous Hario brand because Hario french press has a beautiful and durable design.

7. Vietnam Drip

Vietnamese drip is also one of the favorite manual coffee makers. Usually, when brewing coffee with Vietnamese drip, people often add it with sweetened condensed milk. Yes, Vietnam Drip can be an alternative menu at your coffee shop. How to make it is also not complicated, you only need to put the coffee powder into the dripper, then place it on your coffee cup, if you want to use milk, then pour the milk in the coffee cup, then brew the dripper that already contains the coffee powder with hot water.

sufficiently. And you can also serve Vietnamese drip coffee for your coffee shop customers.

When talking about the price, Vietnam drip is also not too expensive, you can find it in online stores or many traditional markets, depending on the brand. That way, there is no reason not to equip your coffee shop with this Vietnamese drip tool, right?

Now, by having some of the tools above, you can have a simple coffee shop that is ready to serve your loyal customers. You can adjust the number of each tool according to the number of visitors who come to your coffee shop.

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There are several supporting tools that you can have, especially if there is excess budget such as a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water used when brewing coffee, then if you use the pour-over technique, surely you need filter paper or filter paper to filter the coffee powder later. Don’t forget the coffee cup that you will use to serve the coffee you have brewed to your customers. You can find the shape of a coffee cup that suits your coffee shop concept.

Whatever the tool and how you brew the coffee, the most important thing is the taste of the coffee you serve your customers, because as sophisticated and cool as the coffee tools are, but the coffee tastes bad, then your coffee shop visitors won’t want to come back later? Right?

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