6 Important Professions In The World Of Coffee

So far, we only know the pleasure of a cup of coffee without knowing who is involved in it.

6 Important Professions In The World Of Coffee, Many wonder who is involved in the world coffee. It is because of that curiosity that this article was created and of course it will increase the knowledge of coffee lovers about where and how the coffee they enjoyed started. The coffee shop is the last estuary before a cup of coffee lands on your table. Previously, coffee had gone through many hands processing it one by one with the passion and enthusiasm that made it so special.

Coffee Farmer

What happens if there are no coffee farmers? The coffee farmer is the starting point of the ‘coffee’ chain. Unlike other farmers, coffee farmers initially have to choose what kind of coffee they are planting: robusta or arabica. Also, coffee farmers cannot grow coffee anywhere because the only land at a certain height can be planted with coffee. The process of growing coffee is also not as easy as harvesting it. There is a certain accuracy and method so that coffee can grow well and produce the best beans too.

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Green Buyer

This profession is not just buying green beans from coffee farmers, they have a more complicated task than that. Green buyers will usually travel from one coffee plantation to another to see the quality of green beans from the farmers. They select the best raw coffee beans, do a lot of cupping to get the best coffee too. Green buyers will also go to coffee auctions to find coffees with characteristics that the buyer will be interested in or have ordered. Before arriving at the coffee roaster, the coffee will go through a green buyer.World Coffee

Coffee Roaster

This profession is the key to the enjoyment of a coffee bean. A coffee roaster’s job is not easy, he has to understand about “turning” raw green beans into delicious while in the cup. Coffee roasters are not only in charge of roasting green beans to brown. There is a chemical process in coffee compounds that he must understand. Because each coffee bean has unique characteristics that he should know. Not all coffee beans are delicious when roasted to a medium point. It is the coffee roaster’s job to know what pleasure and “taste” the coffee beans contain. Coffee roasters also have to do various experiments to get the most delicious roasting results. He’s not just ‘cooking’ raw coffee to ripen. Coffee roasters are the “chefs” in the coffee world. He is the starting point of a pleasure that results in careful, thorough, and repeated practice.World Coffee

Professional Cupper

This profession was created to judge the taste of coffee objectively. Not only the knowledge of good and bad coffee like what we have assessed in coffee shops, they value coffee even more. These professional cuppers, tasters, and judges will later determine whether this coffee is good or bad. They also analyzed defects in coffee, cup clarity, body, and characteristics in other coffees and then made a numerical assessment of the quality of the coffee. They judge the coffee that will determine the fate of the coffee: whether it is sold or can it be auctioned. This profession is an important point that bridges between farmers and buyers who want certain coffee characteristics.World Coffee


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This profession is probably the most familiar of the four professions above. Baristas are more than just coffee makers who stand behind an espresso machine and wear an apron. Barista is the determinant of whether the formulated coffee can give satisfaction to customers or not. Making coffee is not as easy as pouring water on the coffee grounds. There is a thoroughness and understanding and experience that is not obtained overnight. Barista must understand the composition, taste, and things that support the enjoyment of a coffee drink. Of course, the barista must also be communicative and know more about the characteristics of the customers who come.World Coffee


With the development of the industry and its growing livelihood, running a coffee business by selling everything related to coffee is a lucrative opportunity. But to be a successful salesperson, you have to understand what the market wants. Sellers of coffee tools know very well the development of the coffee industry today. Otten Coffee as one of the largest coffee equipment sellers in Indonesia is an example of a company that is engaged in this field. Sellers don’t just sell random tools. They also have to learn what is trending, what the market is interested in, and how to market the products they sell.World Coffee

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