Tips and Tricks on How to Use Fake GPS Applications

Other online drivers may be familiar with Fake GPS. This Fake GPS application is intended to provide fake locations. So, online drivers will install an app to track the GPS by determining a fake location.

Take it easy, this is not detrimental to customers or other online drivers. A little explanation that Fake GPS is also often referred to as “tuyul”. Curious to know more about Fake GPS and also how to use the Fake GPS application? Approximately, is there a way to use fake GPS without root for online drivers and other things? Just take a look at the reviews.

What Is Fake GPS?

As usual, before knowing how to use the Fake GPS application, it is better if you know in more detail about the use and understanding of Fake GPS. This is an application that you can install on a smartphone to determine a fake location.

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For other online drivers, the Fake GPS application is quite booming. Some online drivers use this application to get customers or passengers easily and quickly without having to wait long.

The Fake GPS application has also caused quite a stir among online drivers, some agree and some do not agree with the use of the Fake GPS application. With a little exposure, the Fake GPS application will work to determine the GPS point closest to the passenger’s location.

Of course, there are losers in using this Fake GPS. Some drivers who don’t use the Fake GPS application might feel cheated. However, despite all that, the use of Fake GPS is still legitimate and there are no rules regarding this.

Some of these Fake GPS applications also have an easy interface and are not much different from other GPS applications. For those of you who are interested in trying out or using this Fake GPS application, you can immediately download and install the application on a smartphone device.

You already know a brief overview of the uses and functions of the Fake GPS application, now is the time for us to move on to how to use the Fake GPS application. A little information that Fake GPS apk is available quite a lot on the PlayStore.

You can choose one of the Fake GPS applications which is suitable and suitable for your needs. However, I provide some recommendations as well as how to use the Fake GPS application. Curious? Here are some applications.

1. Fake GPS location – Lexa

Opened with an application called Fake GPS location. This application was carried and developed by Lexa developers. This is an application that will make your GPS location change according to the location you want.

Besides being easy to use, Fake GPS location is also a lightweight application and doesn’t take up too much space on your cellphone, only 1.1MB. At a glance, most online drivers use this application. Here are the steps for using Fake GPS location:

First, of course, you can install the application.
Then, you can immediately open the application. For a rooted Android cellphone, then you don’t need to set anything else on. However, for those who haven’t been rooted, please activate Mock Location.
Then, you can now determine the position of the desired location by searching for a location with the search feature with a magnifying glass symbol at the top.
After that, you can immediately click the green play symbol in the lower right corner.

2. Fake GPS Location

Not inferior to Lexa, Fake GPS Location from Recommended-App is also one of the applications commonly used to determine fake locations. Even though this application has a larger capacity than the application from Lexa, Fake GPS Location is quite easy to use.

This application can also be used for online motorcycle taxi drivers. If you are interested in using it, try the following steps:

At the beginning, make sure you already have the application, please download the Playstore application.
Then, immediately open the application and click allow so that this application can access your location.
Then, you can immediately determine the desired fake location.
After that, click the orange play symbol in the lower right corner.

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3. Fake GPS

Furthermore, there is an application called Fake GPS. This is an application created and developed by the developer ByteRev. Not much different from other Fake GPS applications, ByteRev has also developed an application that aims to determine fake locations on GPS

For how to use or use the Fake GPS application, it is not difficult and even tends to be easy and also simple. You can immediately follow the steps below to use the Fake GPS application from ByteRev:

Of course, the first thing to do is install the application by downloading it from the Playstore.
Then, please open the application and immediately click accept for the terms and conditions. Don’t forget to also activate allow mock locations.
If everything is set up, then you can immediately determine the fake location you want by clicking the dot symbol in the top right corner and selecting search.
For the next stage, you can immediately determine the location. Then you click start at the top.

4. Fake GPS – fake location

Next, Fake GPS – Fake Location is one application that is quite widely used by users. This application is also often used to determine the location of fake drivers online.

How to use the Fake GPS application on this one is also easy and not complicated. Want to know the easy way? Then you have to follow some of the steps that will be presented by us, as follows:

Install and download the Fake GPS – Fake Location application on the Playstore
Then, open the Fake gps application – fake location that you downloaded earlier.
Then, you can immediately determine the fake location you want to choose by clicking the magnifying glass symbol in the upper right corner.
If you have determined the location, you can immediately click start at the bottom. Then automatically your location will be faked.

5. Fake GPS location – Hola

Hola also presents a Fake GPS application with a function and purpose similar to the previous Fake GPS applications. This is a free application that you can get on the PlayStore. Yes, this application can determine fake locations easily and simply, here’s how:

Please download and install the application first on the Playstore.
Then, open the application. If you want to use this application for free then click FREE.
After that, don’t forget to activate Mock Locations in the settings for your Android phone.
Then, you can immediately determine the desired fake location.
If so, please press GO. Easy and simple right?

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those are the tips and tricks on how to use the Fake GPS application in the easiest and simplest way. Please note that this Fake GPS application is not only for the needs of online drivers in finding passengers.

Because, not infrequently some people also use the Fake GPS application for traveling needs or just for updates on social media. So, you can use this application according to your individual needs.

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