Dalgona Coffee: Recipe And How To Make Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee, Some time back, Dalgona has been very viral in the newsletters of several social media. This drink was originally popular in South Korea and was first popularized in a television show there. Quickly, this hit drink became famous all over the world.

Dalgona is gaining popularity amid the COVID-19 outbreak and calls for just staying home. People immediately order at home and show it off on the internet. If made correctly and use a beautiful glass, the appearance of Dalgona coffee will be very instagrammable.

Of course, you can also shop at home with easily available ingredients. Yep, Dalgona is just about coffee, milk, and other optional additives. You don’t need special skills, you just need persistence to make, you know.

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Dalgona Coffee Making Technique

To make dalgona, you need to shake the coffee until it is bubbly like foam. Shaking using a spoon will only make you tired because it takes so long. Come on, see how to shake coffee easier.

1. Using a mixer

For those of you who don’t want to get tired of shaking coffee, just use a mixer. You only need to prepare black coffee without sugar in it. Then, add 2 tablespoons of hot water and you can start shaking the coffee.

Stirring with a mixer will get a foamy, dense texture from the coffee. To check the coffee foam, you simply turn the container over. If it doesn’t spill, it means the coffee is ready to use.

2.Using a whisk

Some people still like to shake coffee to create a memorable experience. Forget the spoon and go for the whisk. This egg mixer and cake dough can also help you get a soft foam texture.

Put the black coffee and hot water in the container and start shaking it. Shake it until the coffee becomes thick before transferring it to the glass.

3. Using a filter

Yes, a small colander can also be used to beat the coffee until foamy. It is recommended to use a flat plate if you want to stir with a sieve. However, you have to be a little patient when using this method because the time it takes is very long.

Dalgona Coffee Recipe That Appeals to Tastes

You can also make your own Dalgona coffee at home and add toppings according to your taste. Now let’s take a look at the ingredients needed to make dalgona coffee below!

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1. Dalgona original coffee

Materials needed:

1. 1 sachet of ground instant coffee
2.1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
3.2 tbsp hot water
4. 400 ml of liquid milk

Our way:

1. Mix ground coffee and hot water into a small container
2. Shake until the coffee turns brown and has a foamy texture
3. Pour the milk into the glass
4. Add the foamy coffee on top and the dalgona coffee is ready to be enjoyed

2. Dalgona matcha

Materials needed:

1.1 tbsp matcha powder
2.1 egg white
3.1 tbsp sugar
4. 100 ml of liquid milk
5. 50 ml of air
6. ice cubes according to taste

Our way:

1. Beat the egg whites until fluffy
2. Heat water and sugar over low heat, stirring until thickened
3. Pour caramelized sugar into beaten egg and add matcha powder
4. Shake again until soft and turn green and foamy
5. Enter the liquid milk and ice cubes into the glass
6. Add the foamy matcha on top and the dalgona matcha is ready to enjoy

3. Dalgona milk tea

Materials needed:

1. 75 ml that has been brewed
2.1 tbsp sugar
3.1 tbsp hot water
4.1 tsp baking soda
5. 75 ml of liquid milk

Our way:

1. Mix milk into the tea and stir until blended
2. In a different container, mix sugar, baking soda, and hot water. Then, stir until foamy
3. Pour the sugar and baking soda mixture into the milk
4. Add ice cubes if you want it to be served cold

4. Dalgona Milo

Materials needed:

1. 2 tbsp powdered Milo
2.1 tbsp sugar
3.2 tbsp hot water
4. 400 ml of liquid milk
5. ice cubes

Our way:

1. Mix Milo, sugar, and hot water in one container. Then, beat until foamy.
2. Pour the liquid milk into a glass and add ice cubes to taste
3. Pour the milo and sugar mixture on top
4. Dalgona Milo is ready to be enjoyed

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Those are some dalgona coffee recipes that are guaranteed to be delicious and easy to try at home. You can get all the necessary ingredients from online shopping. Just order what you want and the goods will be delivered directly to the house.

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