Black Coffee: Recipe for Making Delicious And Perfect Black Coffee

In order to make the coffee taste more perfect, there are several recipes for making black coffee that must be known. However, every time you drink black coffee, everyone always wants a cup of coffee that tastes delicious and perfect.

It’s no secret that many of us use coffee as an energy booster in the morning. Yes, there’s no mistaking it! Coffee can make our bodies feel fresher and more energized. Because coffee can increase our body’s metabolism and can have many positive effects on health.

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If you want to feel the perfect satisfaction from the taste of black coffee served, at least you have to know how to make coffee or brew coffee so that the results are as desired, which is nice to sip and perfect when it flows down the throat.

Here is a recipe for making delicious black coffee.
Buy whole coffee beans that are still good

This is the first recipe that must be considered carefully if you want to get the real taste of coffee. The best coffee and the perfect taste that we will get, we can get only if we brew the ground coffee that is harvested and stored in a good way.

Buying coffee that is ready-made or that has been ground and stored for a very long time is often not able to bring out the absolute freshness of the coffee beans. So, if you often buy ground coffee or packaged coffee, the taste of coffee is often reduced or completely lost due to the influence of oxygen and light, which of course is one of the enemies of coffee taste. Black Coffee.

Very rarely do we find people who care about the taste of the coffee they store. To store coffee so that the taste doesn’t diminish or at least it lasts longer, we have to coat the coffee shop with coffee oil. In addition, coffee must also be stored in a place that has a seal and is not often exposed to light. Because light can cause the taste of coffee to fade.

The right way to store coffee beans is to place them in an airtight container. We can use jars, glass bottles or ceramic containers that can be sealed. As much as possible avoid storing coffee beans in places that are porous or damp, and as much as possible keep away from food that smells.

Choose the best type of coffee

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To get a delicious coffee taste, we also have to choose a certain type of coffee. Because not all coffees have a good taste. There are some of the best coffee producing countries. Likewise in Indonesia, there are several regions where the coffee is the best. For example, 100% pure arabica coffee will of course have an extraordinary taste. However, if you want to find a cheaper coffee alternative, maybe you can look at robusta coffee beans but with a tougher taste and higher caffeine content. Black Coffee.

Another thing is with the taste of Liberica coffee which comes from Riau. This type of Liberica Riau coffee can grow in peat areas where other types of coffee are difficult to grow in the area. It smells and tastes different. Similar to robusta coffee which is full body with dominant bitterness but a sweet aftertaste. Liberica or Liberoid coffee comes from Liberia. The coffee beans that we have, so as not to lose their taste, we recommend grinding it not too long before brewing. Currently, there are many coffee grinding machines that we can use. So there’s no need to bother doing it manually. The finer you grind the coffee, the bitterer it will taste. Vice versa.

Tips for Making delicious black coffee

After providing the desired coffee grounds, we will then try to make delicious black coffee with the following recipe. Black Coffee.

1. Provide black coffee that has been ground. And a clean, odor-free glass or mug that will keep the temperature or heat longer.
2. Then choose mineral water to boil. As much as possible avoid distilled water or tap water, as this can often cause the coffee’s taste to spoil.
3. The more mineral content in the water, the better.

4. Then boil the water until it reaches 90 or 96 degrees Celsius. This is the ideal temperature for brewing coffee. A temperature approaching 96 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature. Conversely, if it is less than 91 degrees Celsius, usually boiling water will not be able to extract coffee properly.

5. Next, put the coffee into a glass with a ratio, 1 gram of brewed coffee with 15 ml of water. The calculation applies to its multiples. Or 1:20. 7.5 grams of coffee 150 ml of water. However, some people also usually use the ratio 1:14 or 1:30. Choose according to taste.Black Coffee.

6. Then brew the coffee for about 2 to 4 minutes. This is the ideal length of time before coffee is enjoyed. Sipping too fast, or too long will cause the coffee to taste changes. Make sure you apply the recipe for making delicious black coffee if you want to experience the real taste of coffee.

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