Black coffee: How To Make Coffee With Manual Brewing Techniques

Black coffee, Enjoy the difference in taste of the same coffee with nine different techniques. “Coffee please!” seems like the first thing that comes to mind when starting your day. However, along with the development of the third wave of coffee in which the understanding of premium grade coffee is increasingly being improved, coffee is no longer just pouring-stirring. Knowledge of coffee serving has developed and started to be sold in many coffee shops in the world, including Indonesia.

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When you take a step to sip coffee in the morning by visiting a particular coffee shop, you often start to get confused with the various terms coffee is served. Call it french press, drip V60, or Aeropress. Usually, because you are confused, you will only order black coffee or Americano. There are many interesting ways to enjoy a cup of black coffee.

Very understand your confusion with the many methods of serving or brewing. Therefore, through this article, you will get a deeper understanding of the coffee brewing process. But this time, leave for a moment the terms caffe latte, cappuccino, or americano. Will strip the manual brewing method of making coffee without machines.

Make Coffee French Press

This one technique is probably the one that is most familiar to your ears. Usually, the French Press is also known as the coffee press. The way to make it is by using a special glass. Usually, you will see the shape of the glass where there is a pressing device on the lid of the glass.

To brew it, you need to let the coffee stand for a while when serving the coffee maker barista for about 4 minutes. After that, press the top slowly until the coffee grounds are pressed to the bottom. Finally, immediately pour the coffee into the cup so that the fresh taste of the coffee is not lost.

Make Coffee Pour Over (Drip)

You will enjoy a smoother flavor by using this technique. Usually, pour-over can be called drip v60. If you go to a coffee shop and choose this technique, you will see baristas preparing cups, pour over glasses/ceramics (similar in shape to a funnel), filters (such as paper that will be ground on pour-over glasses/ceramics), and kettle with neck long.

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To serve it, the barista will place a pour-over glass/ceramic on top of the cup. Then, put the coffee on the pour-over glass/ceramic that has been coated with a filter. Afterward, pour the hot water from the cattle in a circular motion. This circular motion needs to be done so that the coffee taste is perfectly mixed.

Make Coffee Aeropress

This is a technique that is fairly modern because it was first discovered in 2005. As the name suggests, this technique uses air pressure in making coffee. With a special tool similar to a barista injection, it will press coffee that has been given hot water so that it is filtered and served into the cup. To get the right taste, there are several different ways that baristas do it.

Some say, before applying pressure, coffee that has been poured with hot water needs to be stirred three times. However, there are also those who say they need to be stirred ten times. In essence, the resulting taste will be different in different details.

Make Coffee Siphon

If you order coffee using this technique, make sure you have enough time to wait and enjoy the coffee. Suggest, enjoy this coffee in your spare time, not in a rush. The reason is, coffee with this technique uses the method of cooking coffee in a special tube.

Yes, coffee is on top, water is below, and the spirit house is placed under the siphon device. The water needs to be boiled, then when it boils, it will rise to the top — where you put the coffee. Get rid of the spirit house, stir the coffee, then the coffee will slide on the bottom tube. Finally, pour it into your cup.

Make Coffee Presso skirt

Actually, Rok is a coffee maker brand. With the Rok Presso tool, you can serve espresso in a manual way. With this tool that costs approximately IDR 3 million, you only need to put the ground coffee with water on top of the press tool.

Apply pressure by pulling and pressing the lever located beside the Rok Presso tool. Don’t forget to place the espresso cup at the bottom of the appliance to hold the espresso. With this tool, you no longer need to have a coffee machine to make espresso.

Make Coffee Cold Brew

No, cold brew is not just black coffee plus ice or black coffee chilled in the refrigerator. It is more and more than an ice black coffee. This cold brew takes a long time. Usually, this cold brew is in a state of ready stock in various shops. So it’s not made by order.

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Because to make it, the barista takes approximately 12 hours. With a special tool, iced water is dripped with ground coffee so that the coffee water will enter the container drop by drop. The point is to reduce the acidity level of coffee. When you drink it, you will feel the taste of fruit or nuts, depending on the origin of the coffee beans. Unique!

Make Coffee Vietnam Drip

You may know this term with Vietnamese drip coffee. To make it, it takes time to wait for the coffee to drip into the cup drop by drop. For those of you who want a sweet taste, but the thick creamer in the cup. When the droplets fill your cup, it’s time for the coffee to be ready to enjoy. This technique is not recommended for those of you who are impatient.

Make Coffee Crash

This is who you may have known from childhood. Pour the coffee into a cup, pour it with hot water, and stir. Wait a few moments for the coffee grounds to settle to the bottom. Some people take the floating coffee powder using a small spoon.

Make Coffee Sanger

Authentic Indonesian sanger coffee. You will find a lot of sanger coffee in Aceh. So when you visit Aceh, don’t forget to sip the delicious sanger coffee. Sanger coffee is a mixture of coffee, a little sugar, and a little sweetened condensed milk or creamer. Easy? Certainly not.

The reason is, coffee must be filtered first before it is mixed with sugar and sweetened condensed milk. Afterward, shake the coffee until it is bubbly. This coffee is very delicious because the aroma of coffee does not disappear even though it has been mixed with sugar and milk.

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