Tips for Making Tubruk Coffee, Indonesian Typical Coffee

Tips for Making Tubruk Coffee, Indonesian Typical Coffee, Talking about coffee will never get bored. The more kidnapped, the more fun and discovering many new things, the more must be learned. There are also many types of coffee. In Indonesia alone, every region always has delicious distinctive coffee. When asked what kind of coffee was consumed for the first time. Maybe some people will call it black coffee or brewed coffee.

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History of Tubruk Coffee

Brewed coffee is a cultural heritage of the archipelago that has survived to this day. Many coffee connoisseurs choose to brew coffee this way because brewed coffee will display the coffee’s true character and taste.

As the name suggests, tubruk is essentially a way of making coffee that blows coffee and water head-on. Simple! The coffee is submerged (by immersion method) and is immediately ready to drink. The stages are short. It only takes 4 minutes to produce the most delicious cup of brewed coffee!

How to Make Tubruk coffee

How to make brewed coffee is very easy. But there are some things you should pay attention to. So that the coffee results are more delicious and delicious. Brewing coffee is like making a masterpiece. Each hand produces a different taste of coffee, even though it uses the same type of coffee. The ratio of water, coffee, and sugar must be right. These are the tips that you should pay attention to, to produce a delicious coffee taste.

In one cup of traditional coffee, 90 percent contain water. Therefore you have to provide the right water temperature so that the coffee will taste even more delicious. Heat the water to a temperature of 90oC. The lower the water temperature, the more sour the coffee taste.

You can use any type of coffee beans to make brewed coffee. Just adjust it to your taste. Choose coffee beans that are still fresh, which has just been roasted. Do not use coffee beans that have been roasted for more than 2 months. The grinding process will be better if you grind the coffee right before brewing because the aroma of coffee that has been ground or crushed is more volatile. The level of destruction of the coffee beans must also be considered. Don’t get it too fine as it will make the coffee too bitter and don’t be too coarse so the coffee isn’t too sour. The coarser the coffee grind, the more difficult the water will be to dissolve the coffee juices.

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The Tools Needed to Make Tubruk Coffee

To make this coffee, you don’t need a complicated brewing tool. You only need a pot, teapot, and spoon. No need for complicated coffee brewers. To grind it, you can use a grinding tool or grind it manually. All the brewing tools you can find at home. At a cheap price.

To make delicious brewed coffee, you have to pay attention to the ratio of water to coffee. This ratio can be adjusted according to taste. You want thick or slightly runny coffee. If it is thick the ratio of coffee is more than water. But if the coffee is too thin, it can remove the character and taste of the coffee itself. Therefore you must make the right comparisons. The comparison can use 1:15. Suppose you have 20 grams of coffee, then use 300 ml of water. with this comparison, it will make the coffee tastier and more delicious.

How to brew Tubruk coffee

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Timing is everything. For our brew to produce the best aroma and taste, it needs the right brewing time. For this collision method, we need approximately 4 minutes. Additionally, at the beginning of brewing, we should soak the coffee for 30 seconds. We do this by pre-heating the coffee grounds. We also do this to remove the gases contained in coffee and in between.

After brewing, let the coffee dissolve for 3-5 minutes without stirring it first. Let the coffee and water dissolve naturally. After that, just stir it slowly. If you want a stronger taste, then stir it longer.

How easy is it? You can make it yourself at home without having to use complicated materials. Can be made yourself in the morning after waking up. Enjoying brewed coffee will be fun.

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