Making Coffee Like a Barista? It is Very Easy

For coffee lovers, making coffee at home in the morning is the most wonderful way to enjoy the start of the day. Of course, if there is equipment that supports it, it will make you more comfortable making your coffee at home.

Indeed, we often feel that there is a special taste that comes when coffee is made by a barista. The character of the taste that is created is so different.

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Then, what’s wrong? we can just buy real coffee beans at a coffee shop and then make it at home. In response to this, Barista admits that coffee is not just coffee powder that is poured with hot water, stirred, then becomes delicious coffee. Coffee is a unique beverage dish. Even baristas find their uniqueness takes a long time.

However, he did not discourage coffee connoisseurs from making delicious coffee at home. Alan shares tips on making authentic coffee flavors.

“Serving coffee, of course, must start with good coffee beans. That is the beginning to determine what kind of taste you want, a little sour, bitter, creamy, etc. Each coffee bean has a character. And one more thing, coffee does not increase stomach acid. , maybe if after drinking coffee the stomach acid rises, now what coffee is it to drink first? maybe not straight from the ground coffee beans, “.

Talking about making delicious coffee with authentic flavors at home, Alan recommends a tool called French Press and Syphone which can be purchased at many local e-commerce sites at affordable prices and of course with certain brands.

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Make strong coffee with French Press + Sulawesi Toraja coffee beans

Serving coffee with the French Press recommends Sulawesi Toraja coffee beans because they have a thick, thick texture and produce the maximum coffee taste, and are strong when served with French Press.

“We can weigh for a cup of coffee, or the French Press is 20 grams, then add 300 grams of water, wait for 4 minutes to brew, 4 minutes for the coffee to dissolve. After that, we press, or press the lever to separate the dregs and coffee. filtered out, “he said.

Soft yet creamy coffee with siphoned + coffee beans

Siphon coffee brewer First prepare plain water. If possible, which is hot enough, also prepare 20 grams of coffee beans. The uniqueness of this tool is that when the water is boiling, the water will rise to the top, then the coffee filter water will go down and leave the coffee grounds on top. Well, it is recommended to stir for 1.5 minutes and stir 10 times. Why 10 times? So here the barista skills will be tested. Each stirring can produce the desired flavor, if the original stirring is more, the taste can be off the mark. But it’s okay to go off the mark, after all, you are not a barista, natural, “he explained.

Should you add sugar or milk? Alan firmly rejects it because it will completely change the taste of coffee.

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“It is recommended not to change the taste. If you add milk, you can do it for those of you who like creamy taste, but it will be similar to milk coffee later. If you want, maybe suggestions can order espresso coffees, latte ice, hazelnuts, and others,” he pleaded.

Isn’t that what the barista suggested? Good luck with making coffee at home!

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