Basic Techniques for Making Good Gayo Coffee

Basic Techniques for Making Good Gayo Coffee, How to make good coffee is a question we often get from customers about Gayo Coffee. Or for beginners who want to learn a lot about the wrong coffee which is a question for their customers. Because the coffee must purchase does not bring out the maximum taste.

Before speaking…. wrong before writing about how to make coffee we will share several types of coffee that we will make so that you can choose what coffee you want to make, let’s read on.

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The tools used must be clean and the most needed material to make good coffee is water, if this second component has been fulfilled then the next ingredient that determines the good coffee is coffee powder and how to make it.

How to Make Coffee Tubruk

This way of making coffee is the simplest because this method is most often done by the general public and this way of making coffee is the most ideal, economical, and never out of date. The ingredients needed are only cups, spoons, hot water, Gayo coffee powder if you want something tastier. Gayo Coffee.

Cook the water to 100C then allow 1 minute so that the water temperature drops slightly to 98C, prepare a glass and then add one tablespoon of coffee powder or about 8-10 grams depending on your taste

The first step is to pour the coffee powder into a glass, then add water but slowly as much as possible the pouring of water is as high as possible slowly, before the water is full, try to wet the coffee grounds all. Then allow 2 to 3 minutes before stirring. Add sugar according to your taste, if the coffee powder floats because it is a bit coarse, stir gently until everything is drowned. Gayo Coffee.

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How to Make Good Coffee Using the French Press tool

Clean the equipment to prepare your flagship coffee powder, but it must be remembered because this is for french press coffee, the coffee powder is a bit rough. As in brewing coffee, prepare delicious water and heat it at 100C, empty the glass then enter the coffee powder based on the need for one gram cup for 2 gram cups, usually the way to make coffee with french press requires more coffee powder. Gayo Coffee.

Pour enough water based on the dose, let 1 to 2 minutes then enter the filter slowly, do not push it down quickly but slowly, press and rest, press and rest, and so on until it touches the coffee grounds, it takes about 2-3 minutes, because if the utensils are forced to break quickly and the coffee taste is not perfect.

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Pour it in a glass and I suggest you don’t add sugar because drinking healthy coffee is without sugar.

Only this used to be how to make good coffee, there are still many other ways to make coffee, we will explore in the next article. Gayo Coffee.

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