Revealed how to brew Starbucks coffee directly from the experts

Now, everyone can make Starbucks style coffee at home. You see, District Coffee Master Starbucks, sharing tips for all of us, how to brew a simple Starbucks coffee. Yes, brewing coffee is not as easy as it looks. To produce delicious coffee, several things must be considered.

“Starbucks comes from the US. So we use the brewing advice from the America Specialty Coffee Association, an organization that has already assessed the good coffee habits there.” Starbucks coffee.

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Come on, together, let’s see how to brew Starbucks coffee.

1. Coffee and Water Development

The first is to determine the proportion of coffee and water.

According to the hint, the proportion is 1:18. So, every one gram of coffee is brewed with 18 ml of water.

2. Water temperature

The best water temperature is in the degree Celsius range. Water that is too hot will over-extract the coffee.
Meanwhile, water that is too warm will make the coffee under extraction. Measuring water temperature is often a difficulty for those of us who brew water with simple equipment at home.
boiling water indicator is at 100 degrees Celsius.

To get the temperature right, let the water sit for about 15 minutes after boiling.

He said, a drop in temperature in a plain atmosphere as high as sea level usually reaches 5-6 degrees Celsius.
“So after 15 minutes you can use the brew,” he said.

3. Water Quality

The last thing is the water quality. This factor is no less important for producing good coffee. Because the portion of water in a glass of coffee reaches 98 percent.

He explained that in addition to looking for land that has high business prospects, Starbucks always looks for locations that have good water quality when opening its outlets.

Make sure that the water used for brewing coffee is water that is well filtered, odorless, tasteless, colorless, and without sediment. “More specifically, there are certain pH levels and many factors”. And I will discuss in the next article. Starbucks coffee.

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