5 Ways To Brew Manual Coffee Without Tools And Coffee Machines

Make coffee, Like most other coffee lovers, you may be among those who like to make coffee with various special coffee tools. Examples such as Vietnam Drip, V60, Moka pot, French Press, or so on. If you don’t know, how to brew coffee manually with a coffee tool can be read here

However, have you ever come across a situation where one morning when you needed caffeine, there was no coffee tool? Never mind Mokapot, there is no French press which is the simplest coffee tool.

We need a coffee brew with the cool term “Like a Pro”, a delicious brew of coffee without pulp that is enjoyed without being complicated with the coffee grounds.

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Could this situation make us switch to instant coffee?

Don’t be in a rush for instant coffee! because many health experts explain the bad effects of instant coffee on health. For me, I don’t recommend drinking instant coffee for coffee fans.

I will share how to make a manual coffee without tools or a coffee maker. Note the various ways as follows

The way to brew manual coffee without the first “Like a Pro” coffee tool is the simplest. Previously we have provided an article about making brewed coffee, but this has a different way.

1. Making Coffee Tubruk

Brewing coffee creates a rich, oily, and flavorful brew. If you make brewed coffee with sugar, use Robusta Premium coffee because it has a strong thick character and a soothing aroma.

Things To Look For:
1. Fresh Coffee Beans Or Powder
2. Hot water is around 95 degrees Celsius
3. Comparison of coffee with water 1:15. If coarse coffee grounds use 2 tablespoons with 250ml of water. If ground coffee powder is finely ground, use 1 tablespoon for 250ml of water.
4.2 cups, 1 for coffee maker, 1 for serving.

How to Make Coffee:

1. If you have coffee from the beans, use a spice blender and grind a few times to turn on and turn off the blender. Blades of grinding will heat up easily and can damage the aroma of the coffee. Slowly, your coffee doesn’t burn.
2.Take coffee grounds into a cup,
3. Bring the water to a boil, then let it boil for 1 minute.
4. Pour hot water into the cup that has been given coffee.
5. Stir briefly and let stand for 3 minutes.
6. The coffee grounds will go down, slowly pour the coffee water into another glass.
7. Add sugar if deemed necessary.
8. Brewed coffee such as french press is ready to be enjoyed.

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2. Making Boiled Coffee

This boiled coffee can be done when you are camping or camping, this method is usually used in the forest. I once found someone brewing coffee with stored hot water which of course the heat is not right for brewing coffee. Then we suggest boiled coffee. They prepare a campfire to boil coffee into a delicious drink and strengthen the body.

For those of you who want to make it at home, you can also use the tools that are usually found in household kitchen utensils. These utensils are in the form of a pot, stove, spoon, and cup.

The results of the brewing of boiled coffee are very thick, oily, fragrant with a caramel impression.

Materials and matters of concern
1. Ground coffee of Robusta Lampung Petik Merah fine. Try to use coffee that is finely powdered, not harsh.
2. Palm Sugar. White sugar is fine too
3. The pot is slightly high.
4. Do not leave it because the coffee foam can explode.

How to Make Coffee:

1. Fill the pot with more water than when you brewed coffee. Add about ¾ of water than usual, because the steeping water this time will evaporate ¾. This method will also leave coffee slurry under the pot where the water is not consumable.
2. Put the coffee and sugar into the pot water, mix well.
3. Place the pan and heat on the stove or other heater.

1. Wait for it to start bubbling
2. The coffee water slowly foams and the cream rises to the top
3. Don’t wait anymore, turn off the heat immediately.
4. Take coffee water and pour it into a cup
5. Fragrant and concentrated coffee ready to be enjoyed.

You can store this boiled coffee in a pan or refrigerate it. If you want to make cold milk coffee, just add milk and ice. It tastes like drinking high-end iced coffee.

3. The method of filtering coffee with a cloth or filter paper

The next method is to filter it like a pour-over, this time there are no Chemex, v60, kone, let alone a wave. These coffee tools are indeed global and popular, many baristas and coffee lovers depend on these coffee tools.

Try it now with an emergency filter, you filter coffee with a handkerchief, used t-shirts, or leftover coffee filters.

Materials and matters of concern
1. Keep the coffee beans that you grind using a hand grinder or spice blender.
2. The coarseness of the coffee grounds should not be too fine
3. Use a tall cup/glass
4. 280ml hot water 90-95O C
5. 18g Mandailing Organic Arabica AKL Coffee
6. Handkerchief or filter paper

7. Rubber or a few tongs

How to Make Coffee:

1. Glue the filter paper to the rim of the glass using rubber.
2. Bring the water to a boil.
3. Put the coffee grounds into the filter.
4. Sprinkle the coffee powder a little just to even out the wetness
5. Wait 45 seconds.
6. Flush gently again until the water is 280ml.
7. Pull the filter and coffee is ready to enjoy
8. Add sugar if you want a sweetener.

Try to make this coffee no more than 2 minutes from the first pour. To produce a natural and fresh character.

4. Using Bag Coffee

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Bag coffee is easy to carry around and you can enjoy delicious coffee without pulp anywhere. With this product, you don’t need to worry about not getting coffee during your day to day activities.

This is one way to enjoy real coffee, not instant without any coffee machines and tools. You only need a cup and hot water, the bag of coffee is hung over the glass and then slowly poured with hot water.

How to Make Coffee:

1. Tear off the top
2. Open the coffee wing pouch
3. Hang it to the rim of the cup
4. Pour enough hot water
5. Bag coffee is ready to be enjoyed

The result of this coffee bag brewing is more concentrated, slightly oily and the aroma does not disappear. Try to use bag coffee for your travel preparation.

5. Brew coffee manually with the dip method

This method is similar to teabags, yes, but you can make your own, by wrapping coffee using a coffee filter.

How To Make Coffee Dip:

1. Wrap the coffee with the coffee filter by rolling it
2. Tie with a cloth rope
3. Heat the water to a boil
4. Pour into a cup that has been dipped coffee.
5. Wait 3 minutes
6. Remove the coffee and wring out the coffee packet

By making a pack of dipped coffee you can take it wherever you are when you are traveling. You no longer need complicated coffee tools.

These are 5 ways to brew coffee manually without delicious coffee tools. The purpose of the methods above is to be able to brew coffee under any circumstances and emergencies.

It can also be a daily routine for making coffee at home, at work, on-campus, or in recreation areas.

> Do not lose the benefits of coffee in one day because there is no coffee tool.

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