5 new coffee recipes, delicious, and easy to imitate

Make coffee, The proliferation of coffee shops to date makes all netizens curious about the recipe for making delicious contemporary coffee. Why not, besides saving on the budget you have, you no longer need to bother going to the shop to just taste the taste.

Iced milk coffee is currently being hit among millennials because it is considered a compliment when hanging out with friends. The price is affordable with various flavors and the selection of a unique brand name is the main attraction of this drink.

The presence of coffee drinks was introduced by a well-known brand from Washington, namely Starbucks. This modern coffee shop has mainstay menus such as frappuccinos, shaken coffee drinks served with cream, and various flavors of syrup.

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However, the consumptive nature of buying coffee also affects the contents of your wallet. So, to overcome conditions like this, try to make your coffee milk creations at home. The method is easy enough! Here are some recipes for making contemporary coffee that are summarized by CekAja from various sources, let’s take a look at the reviews together.

1. Iced Milk Coffee Recipe

Of the many coffee menus in contemporary shops, iced coffee milk is one of the most ordered authentic menus because the price is quite affordable. This coffee concoction menu is indeed the most delicious to drink in the afternoon or evening as a complement to hanging out with friends.

Regarding the recipe for making contemporary coffee, this one is quite easy. Curious?

* 400 gr or about 3 teaspoons of ground black coffee
* 200 ml of UHT milk
* 30 grams of palm sugar
* 100 ml of hot water

How to make coffee:

* Put ground coffee and hot water into a coffee grounds filter or French Press
* Do not stir and let stand for 2 minutes to maintain the aroma, then press the top of the filter so that the coffee grounds are pushed down
* Heat UHT milk over medium heat, until the contents are reduced to 100 ml
* Remove the milk and transfer it to a different glass or use the French Press as a shaker to make the milk texture thicker
* Allow the milk to cool slightly then mix all the ingredients by first adding palm sugar to make it taste more delicious
* Add ice cubes to taste, UHT milk, and pre-made coffee blends

2. Cheese Iced Coffee Recipe

There are just ways a coffee shop businessman can create flavors, one of which is by combining coffee and cheese. Maybe at first, this innovation sounds strange, but who would have thought that iced cheese coffee is now in great demand because of its unique taste combination.

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Previously, we drank iced coffee with a straw, it’s different from iced cheese. Where the average coffee shop that sells the menu recommends its customers to sip directly slowly on the edge of the glass. To taste cheese iced coffee, try this recipe for making contemporary iced coffee in the following ways.

* 1 small pack of instant coffee of any brand
* 2 tablespoons of liquid palm sugar or about 30 grams
* 100 ml of warm water
* 100 ml of liquid milk
* 100 ml fresh milk (full cream)
* 2 tablespoons of powdered creamer or about 15 grams
* 2 tablespoons of cream cheese or about 30 grams
* 2 tablespoons cream cheese powder
* 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* Ice cubes as needed

How to make coffee:

* Combine some ingredients first such as coffee, liquid palm sugar, powdered creamer, and warm water, mix well then add liquid milk
* Then also mix cream cheese and powder, and fresh milk and shake until thickened according to taste. Add sugar and salt
* Add ice cubes to the coffee mixture and pour into a glass with a dose of about 3/4, then add cream cheese on top.
* You can enjoy the recipe for iced cheese coffee in the style of making contemporary coffee

3. Regal Milk Iced Coffee Recipe

Apart from iced cheese coffee, there is also another trend of cold coffee drinks, namely iced coffee with milk regal. This type of coffee drink is combined with Marrie Regal biscuits, which until now are often consumed as a snack when hunger strikes.

Some contemporary coffee shops such as Kopi Soe also have this menu with its innovations, so that the taste becomes even more delicious. Well, instead of having to buy one glass of iced coffee with real milk, it’s better to create your recipe for making this contemporary coffee by following how to make it below.

* 200 ml of vanilla extract
* 450 ml of liquid milk
* 450 ml of strong coffee concoction
* 4 Marrie Regal biscuits
* Ice cubes as needed
* Shaker or shaker glass

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How to make coffee:

* Prepare a shaker and add liquid milk, blend strong coffee, ice cubes, vanilla extract, and 3 pieces of crushed regal.
* Shake until all ingredients are well blended
* Transfer to a glass and give the rest of the Regal biscuits on top
* Recipe-style regal iced coffee makes contemporary coffee ready for consumption!

4. Affogato Coffee Recipe

Have you ever tried this modern coffee recipe? This coffee dish originating from Italy combines a cup of espresso with a splash of ice cream as the main topping.

It’s not just delicious to eat with ice cream, but nowadays many coffee shops create affogato coffee recipes with avocado. How do you think it feels?

* 1 pack of espresso coffee
* 1 avocado
* 200 ml of water
* 1/3 sweetened condensed milk
* 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream or according to taste

How to make coffee:

* Blend the avocado with sweetened condensed milk and add a little water
* While waiting for the blended avocado, brew espresso coffee with warm water
* Pour coffee into a medium sized glass and add vanilla ice cream on top

5. Tiramisu Latte Coffee Recipe

Tiramisu is not only delicious to be processed in the form of cakes, now many coffee shops serve tiramisu with a coffee blend called tiramisu latte.

The combination of sweet and a little bit bitter from tiramisu and coffee makes this cold drink has a unique taste that is not only favored by coffee lovers.

Instead of always having to buy tiramisu lattes at your favorite shop, why don’t you try to make your own recipe for this modern coffee? It’s really easy, you know!

* 100 ml of single espresso coffee or can use espresso sachets
* 150 ml of liquid milk
* 30 grams of cocoa powder
* 1 tablespoon sugar
* To taste whipped cream as a topping
* To taste cinamon powder
* Sufficient ice cubes

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How to make coffee:

* Brew a single espresso first, then add cinnamon powder, stir well
* Heat liquid milk and cocoa powder, then add sugar, stir until it boils
* Take a glass, fill it with ice cubes then pour the two ingredients slowly
* Give additional whipped cream on it as a complement to the recipe for making contemporary coffee

How, easy is not the recipe for making this contemporary coffee? While the ingredients are easy to get, you can try practicing them yourself at home. If the coffee tastes good, you can take advantage of that opportunity to open a modern coffee shop on a small scale first.

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