Already Tired of Instant Coffee? Check Tips for Making Cafe Style Coffee at Home

Tired of making coffee sachets at home and want to upgrade to make delicious and cafe style coffee? Maybe the tools at home are incomplete and you don’t dare to invest in expensive machines yourself. Shh, that doesn’t mean you can’t make good cafe-style coffee, you know. making cafe style coffee at home

Don’t let your coffee get ‘depresso’ instead of tasting like espresso, ah. Now is the time to make even better coffee! Come on, unload the cupboard, check the marketplace, and buy simple plus affordable items to make delicious coffee.

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Things that need to be considered before buying coffee

The size and taste of the coffee beans are also important to consider before you start making cafe-style coffee at home. What do you think about notes you don’t like, right?

1. What coffee is right for you?

Before going further into the techniques and tools, we should first know what coffee is right for you. As ordinary people, chances are we will stand for minutes in the coffee aisle at the supermarket and confused about what to choose.

There are many types of coffee there, yes. Starting from something generic like the Nescafe classic and there are also various local coffee brands with labels on the origin of the coffee beans.

If you already know which regional coffee flavor you like, just choose your favorite area. If you don’t know, maybe you can try Java robusta or Java arabica which are quite standard.

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2. Adjust the way you drink coffee

Due to the current trend of milk coffee, many people choose to buy coffee that contains a lot of milk. Milky coffees such as lattes or ice whites taste better when the coffee is roasted darker because the taste is stronger and bitter.

Meanwhile, if you like to drink black coffee, you should choose lighter coffee beans. The resulting taste has fruity notes.

If you don’t want to be mistaken, just come to a local coffee shop and ask the barista for advice and buy the coffee there. Guaranteed nothing wrong and you can support local businesses as well.

3. Way of storage

After buying coffee, don’t get it wrong! Put in an airtight container and store in a dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight.

Do not store in the refrigerator because the refrigerator air is damp. If you store it in the refrigerator, yes, the aroma will disappear over time. While stored in the freezer the coffee will taste like old musty coffee.

Come on, enter how to make coffee!

After knowing all the preparations for making coffee, let’s go into the stages of making coffee.

4. Grind yourself or buy ground coffee?

Self-ground coffee is better than ground coffee. The taste of coffee is generated by the sense of smell, not by taste. Over time the aroma of coffee will weaken so it’s better to just grind it every day.

Buy, deh, a grinding machine whose price fits in the pocket. FYI, cheap grinders still produce better coffee than ground coffee. Choose a burr grinder over the blade as you will have control over the cut of the coffee.

If you can only buy ground coffee, here, try brewing it longer than usual so that the character of the coffee can come out as much as possible.

Coffee grain size is closely related to how coffee is brewed. For strong espresso coffee you want very fine grains. For drip or pour over coffee use medium grains, while for the French press grind it until it resembles coarse grains.

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5. Pay attention to the water ratio

Most of the coffee mix is ​​water so you have to think about the composition and quality as well. Use water that has been distilled or mineral water and then bring it to a boil, do not use hot water from the dispenser.

Do not pour boiling water directly into the coffee as this can burn your coffee. You don’t have to buy a thermometer like a barista, just let your kettle sit for 1-2 minutes after boiling before pouring it into coffee.

6. Measure of coffee

If you want to comply with coffee shop standards, you have to educate 60gr of coffee for 1 liter of water. That means you need 15gr of coffee for a 250ml cup. Better to weigh the seeds before grinding, yes.

If the taste is not strong enough, you can grind the coffee softer or add more coffee, especially if you want to add milk. If the taste is too strong you may grind it too softly.

To make a very strong coffee like espresso, you need water weighing three times as much as coffee. For example, if you use 15 grams of coffee, you will need about 45 grams of hot water.

7. The best brewing method for black coffee

It is advisable to simply use a French press when making delicious black coffee at home. Grind coarse coffee, then soak it in hot water for 4 minutes and stir it several times. Then press the French press lever, done!

To make cold coffee: soak the coffee grains in cold water for hours, then press the lever and enjoy the coffee.

If you want something lighter, you can use the drip method. Pour hot water over the coffee beans that are placed in the filter, then the coffee will drip down. However, you must practice proper pouring technique beforehand. Shh, when you are smart it must be really easy! making cafe style coffee at home

8. Method for making milk coffee

If you drink in a cafe, right, most of the coffee is espresso based, such as lattes, ice whites, cappuccinos, and so on. Although it’s a bit difficult to make espresso coffee without the right tools, there are tricks you can use to make strong, cafe-style coffee.

The Aeropress is the ideal tool for espresso because it emphasizes pressure, just like an espresso machine. Enter the fine coffee beans and hot water into Aeropress. Then press really hard. The metal filter inside will produce coffee that’s a little closer to espresso because there are still micro grains that can enter the water.

Moka pot is also a good choice because it is an espresso maker that is used on the stove. The water that is boiled in the moka pot will turn to steam and pass through the ground coffee in the center.

This process will produce strong coffee from the top of the pot. Many brewers do not like this method because it feels inaccurate, but the coffee is strong and delicious. Also suitable for mixing with milk. making cafe style coffee at home

Another trick is to use hot water in the moka pot so that the evaporation time is faster and the coffee tastes less bitter.

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9. Make frothy milk

If you want to make a latte or cappuccino, here, you might need frothy milk. Unfortunately you can’t steam milk without a special steamer even though you can trick it with a French press.

How: put hot or cold milk in the French press and press the lever up and down for 1 minute. The more milk you use, the faster the foam will form.

Making frothy milk with cold milk and then heating it in the microwave can also stabilize the foam. However, you can also buy electric milk frothers which are not too expensive.

After understanding how to make cafe-style coffee at home, maybe you will ask, “Is it the right way?” For ordinary coffee connoisseurs like us, don’t worry about complex techniques just yet. Enjoy your favorite coffee first in any way you can. making cafe style coffee at home

So far, in what way have you made coffee? Interested in learning how to make coffee right or not? Share your experience in the comments column. making cafe style coffee at home.

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