Coffee Maker: How To Make Coffee

Who doesn’t know Coffee Maker? This one drink always has its charm. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks, this drink is very popular with many people, from teenagers to adults around the world.

Coffee Maker lovers and connoisseurs are familiar with the name coffee. For them, coffee has become an inseparable part of their life. Although coffee contains caffeine, it doesn’t reduce the number of coffee fans.

You can now make your Coffee Maker concoctions like a professional barista, because the ways to make coffee nowadays are increasingly diverse, starting from the simplest method to the most complicated method. Various kinds of coffee makers are also emerging, with varying prices and functions. All of that, of course, to be able to create coffee creations with delicious and quality aroma and flavor.

If you are a coffee connoisseur and lover, there are several ways to make coffee that you can do to make your coffee taste better. You have to pay attention to the quality of water, the quality of the coffee beans themselves, the proportion that determines the concentration of coffee, and many other factors. And what’s even more interesting is that now you can buy a manual coffee maker and start trying to make your own. The method is also quite easy, you can make your coffee. Are you curious about how to make delicious and quality coffee?

See 14 Ways to Make Cafe-style Coffee and Analyze the Coffee Maker Shop Business Opportunities below.

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1.) Coffee Maker Drip Method

This method is one of the ways to make coffee which is always available in every shop or cafe that sells coffee drinks. This method can also be called the Filter Method because the way it is made is through a filtering process. Until recently, the Drip Method was the most popular method due to its simplicity and efficiency.

Ways of making:

Water is poured into the ground Coffee Maker which is placed on filter paper leading to the coffee vessel. To be able to brew it, you just need to heat the coffee vessel and the coffee is ready to be served. This method is very interesting because the result is very soft but rich with the distinctive taste of coffee.

2.) Coffee Maker French Press

So, for this one method, surely many of you already know and often find it in coffee shops. This French Press has another name Plunger or Cafetiere. One of the advantages of this French Press method is that it can extract the most flavor found in ground coffee, even this method is the second most popular method. The equipment used to make coffee using the French Press method can be found easily everywhere and the price is quite affordable.

3.) Turkish Coffee Maker

This Turkish Coffee Method is also commonly called the Arab Method. Maybe this method is the first way of making coffee and the coffee produced by this method also has a very strong and thick taste. Although not everyone likes this type of coffee, for coffee connoisseurs, this type of coffee is one type of delicious coffee.

How To Make Turkish Coffee Maker:

Coffee is milled manually using a mortar and pestle, or if possible by using a coffee grinder that we can find in the market, then put in a vessel called “ibrik” with sugar and water. After that, it’s boiled three times and poured into the cup.

4.) Coffee Maker Percolator

This method has been around for a long time and was commonly found before the Drip method was invented, but after the emergence of the Drip method, the percolator or filtering method was slowly abandoned because this method was considered by many to be able to remove the taste of coffee, in contrast to the drip method which could keep the aroma of coffee.

Coffee Maker Percolator:

You only need to put sugar, coffee, and water in a percolator or filter in the form of a teapot, then bring it to a boil, but now several new tools use electricity to be able to boil the water faster, during the boiling process, stir the coffee, sugar evenly. , and the water.

5.) Coffee Maker Espresso

For those of you who have stopped by a coffee shop, you must know about this espresso machine. This machine is one of the most common coffee makers that are always in a coffee shop. There are two types of espresso machines, manual and automatic. Coffee shops generally use manual Espresso machines, but at home, most people prefer automatic Espresso machines because they are more practical. You could say, this Espresso machine is one of the most sophisticated machines because almost everything is fully automatic, such as setting the temperature, although it cannot be denied that the barista’s shrewd touch is still a determinant of the taste of the resulting cup of coffee.

6.) Coffee Maker Vacuum

This method can also be called the Siphon Method. This method is arguably unique because it requires patience to be able to produce a delicious cup of coffee without pulp. The tools used for this siphon method are also not too expensive and we can find many in the market.

How to Make Coffee with the Vacuum Method:
Place the coffee grounds on the top tube and the water on the bottom. The water at the bottom that has been boiled will evaporate and enter the top tube containing the coffee through the connecting tube between the upper tube and the lower tube, then after all the water is in the upper tube, you stop the process of boiling the water and wait for the water to become cold, after that you just wait for the water in the upper tube to return to the bottom tube.

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7.) Coffee Maker Cold Water Method

Making coffee using the cold water method is also known as cold brew coffee. This cold coffee has also begun to be formulated in several coffee shops in Indonesia. The concoctions produced in each coffee shop also have different flavors, depending on the barista creativity. This method is only suitable for those who can be very patient waiting for the coffee to be ready because this coffee must be allowed to stand for about 12 hours before it is ready to be served. But some people think that cold coffee is friendly for those of you who have a stomach that is sensitive to coffee acids. This coffee can also be served hot, with ice cubes, or mixed with ice cream or other ingredients such as chocolate.

8.) Coffee Maker Neapolitan Flip

The method used in the Neapolitan Flip is not much different from the Drip method because both use filters to separate coffee grounds. The tool used is in the form of two tubes that are close together and in the middle, there is a filter that will later become a separator between the coffee grounds and the coffee extract.

How to Make Coffee Using the Neapolitan Flip Method:
First, you fill the filter that is between the top tube and the bottom tube with coffee powder, then fill and boil the water in the bottom tube, then when the water starts to boil, turn the tool upside down until the water in the bottom tube will enter the tube. the top through a sieve that is already filled with coffee grounds.

9.) Single Serve Coffee Machine

Yes, as the name implies, this Single Serve Coffee Machine is made for those who like practical things. We don’t need to bother calculating the right amount of ground coffee because the ground coffee itself has been packaged in a package that matches the size to be able to make a cup of coffee which is called a coffee pod. The method is quite simple, by putting the packaged ground coffee into the coffee machine and boiling it like how to use an Espresso machine.

10.) Coffee Maker Vietnam Drip

We may have often seen Vietnamese Drip coffee in almost all coffee shops that we have visited. Like Indonesia, Vietnam is also one of the coffee-producing countries in the Southeast Asia region. This Vietnamese coffee drink, which is now popular in Indonesia, is one of the easiest and most acceptable types of presentation because it uses sweetened condensed milk which can disguise the bitter taste of coffee, but does not eliminate the original taste of the coffee itself.

How to Make Coffee Using the Vietnamese Drip Method:

First, prepare a gram of ground coffee that has been ground on a medium scale. Then heat the water to approximately 88 degrees Celsius. Prepare two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk or more (according to taste). Put the sweetened thick milk in a transparent cup. After that place the metal cap on top of the cup. Then put the coffee into the base of the Vietnamese Dripper’s metal cup. The final step is to pour hot water to the top of the cup (approximately 45-50ml).

11.) Coffee Maker Moka pot

One of the next coffee making methods is Moka Pot. The Moka Pot is more complicated than the Vietnam Drip, as it involves pressure and heat to extract the starch of the coffee so that it makes espresso. The coffee produced by Moka Pot has a stronger bitter taste, and the sour taste is not as strong as when using Vietnam Drip. So if you want to make espresso coffee, there’s no need to buy an espresso machine, just using the Moka Pot is enough. Also, Moka Pot itself has a measure in the form of several cups. Moka Pot for 2 cups of espresso, meaning that if the filter is filled with coffee grounds then the Moka Pot can produce 2 cups of espresso.

How to Make Coffee with the Moka Pot Method:

Water is put into the water reservoir at the bottom. The coffee grounds are placed into a colander, then hooked up to the teapot on top. The Moka Pot is then placed on the stove so that the coffee will rise in the pot due to the pressure.

12.) Coffee Maker Aeropress

Not only does it look futuristic and friendly, Aeropress is one of the easiest ways to make delicious, high-quality coffee. It’s no wonder that Aeropress is one of the most popular manual brewers in the world, including in Indonesia. The Aeropress technique trend that is commonly used by baristas is by turning (upside-down), large doses of coffee, short extraction, and also several stirring (stirring). Coffee made using the Aeropress method can also bloom to create a distinctive and delicious coffee flavor.

13.) Coffee Maker Clever Dripper

One of the simpler methods in the coffee-making process is the Clever Dripper. This method is also known as Cone Pour Over because of its conical shape and uses an additional filter paper. This tool is a combination of coffee extraction between ‘pour over’ and ‘french press’. So in essence, “Clever” is a combined method of “french press” with “drip”, a way of brewing that is quite popular, especially in America. Maybe it is called the “Clever” because it is considered “clever”. After all, this simple tool will automatically drain the brew when the seat is placed on the cup. Soaking coffee is like the “french press” method while providing control over the user when to stop the brewing process.

14.) Coffee Maker Presso

From time to time, coffee equipment manufacturers always create various alternative coffee making tools with various creative innovations and also give consumers the freedom to use the most suitable tools, one of which is Presso. This Presso is an espresso maker. This press has several advantages, such as its use that does not require electricity, is environmentally friendly, and is also relatively affordable.

Coffee Shop Business Opportunity Analysis
Due to the increasing number of coffee lovers, nowadays there are more and more coffee shops or shops that offer various kinds of coffee menus with varying prices and flavors. This opportunity is of course very good for you to use to create a coffee shop business.

Opening a coffee shop business is arguably one of the promising business opportunities if the coffee offered is delicious and according to consumer tastes. Coffee shops or shops that are increasingly in demand by the public today are coffee shops or coffee shops that provide a variety of specialty coffee menus that are a mainstay, besides that there are also various kinds of facilities provided, such as TV, hotspots, and also offering other foods. Moreover, this coffee shop or coffee shop is the right place and very suitable to be used as a gathering place with campus friends, colleagues, and family.

The number of coffee shops that are increasingly popping up makes coffee shop entrepreneurs inevitably have to move faster and always create innovations to attract consumers’ interest. Because after all, customer satisfaction is the main thing. Every coffee shop or shop has its strengths and weaknesses, this will also affect the number of visitors who will come.

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Here are some things you should pay attention to before opening a coffee shop business.

1.) Business Location

The place or location of the coffee shop you choose will greatly affect the success of your business. A very supportive place to open a coffee shop business is a strategic place. The most appropriate example is on a side street that is quite busy or can also be a place close to campus areas, offices, and shopping centers. Cleanliness, beauty, and neatness of the place also need to be considered, the goal is that visitors can feel at home in your coffee shop. For visitors to feel more comfortable and feel at home, try to design your coffee shop with a unique design, such as a colorful room or interior design or a design with a certain theme according to your imagination and taste.

2.) Business Strategy

The business strategy here is a step or a way to support the smooth running of your business. If you want your coffee shop business to be more crowded with visitors, of course, you must have a special strategy to attract consumers, for example, such as your coffee menu which is unique, providing various attractive facilities, and so on.

3.) Business Products

The product of the coffee shop business, of course, is coffee itself. Coffee as the main menu has many variants and types. If your budget is limited, you should be diligent in experimenting with making your coffee to find the right amount and mixture. Because even though we are both coffee with milk, if the method is different, the taste will also be different. Find the distinctive taste of coffee on each menu for your coffee shop. For reference, you can read 20 types of coffee that are popular in Indonesia and the world that you should try.

4.) Price

The first step you have to do is determine your target market. If your target consumers are students, then you also have to lower the coffee price so that it is not too expensive. Of course, this will reduce the benefits obtained. However, if more and more customers come to your coffee shop, of course, the benefits you will get will also be great. Determining the price can also be from looking at the costs and business capital that you spend.

5.) Business Promotion

A business or business that is run will be useless if there is no promotion. This promotion is your main step in being able to introduce and market the coffee shop business that you are running. You can carry out promotions to the public, such as distributing brochures, providing affordable prices at certain times, or giving bonuses to visitors. You can also promote via the internet because nowadays almost everyone around the world is connected to the internet, so this is the most effective way to promote your business.

6.) Business Licensing

For your coffee shop business to be safe, you should get a license to set up a business first so that you don’t cause problems later on.

7.) Business Services

The last most important factor of a business is its service. This service is very important in all forms of business, including coffee shop businesses. Because this is one of the important elements that must be given to visitors so that they feel served wholeheartedly so that they can become regular consumers and will always come to your coffee shop or shop.

Based on the analysis above, there are several conclusions and business strategies that can be applied to develop the coffee shop business that you are running. Including the following:

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  • Find types of coffee with a distinctive taste and affordable prices. Make a varied menu, ranging from existing coffee blends in general to your creations.
  • Choose and make it a comfortable place to visit and drink coffee in your coffee shop. Especially if the coffee price is not too expensive, surely your coffee shop business will be able to spread quickly among the community.
  • If possible, you can also make the atmosphere of the shop or coffee shop more lively, such as playing cafe-style music. Keep the volume not too loud as it will distract visitors who are talking.
  • You can also prepare special programs or promos on certain days or times.

This coffee shop business can be a promising business opportunity with small capital. With a unique and comfortable shop concept, it will be a special attraction for people to come to visit. The more crowded visitors come, the easier it is to be able to carry out promotions.

This is information about 14 Ways to Make Cafe-style Coffee and Analysis of Coffee Shop Business Opportunities that you can do. A good business depends on how you organize your business trip.

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