Coffee Information: Coffee Beans, History, Making Coffee and Health Benefits

Complete Coffee Information. Coffee is a beverage that is consumed by more than 2.25 billion cups per day in the world. It is estimated that 2 thirds of people on earth drink a cup of coffee every day. How difficult can it be imagined with such a large amount, until the equivalent of coffee plays the second world commodity after petroleum.

Because coffe is so important to our lives, wherever humans in the world need it. However, do we know this magical essence from which they can be present at our table. A long journey that coffee drinkers must understand, we try to tell a little about this trip.

Coffee History and Types of Coffee in The World

The history of coffee is said to begin in the 9th century in Ethiopia. However, the cultivation and trade of coffee only became popular in the 15th century by Arab traders in Yemen. Coffe reached Europe in the 17th century but could not grow well there. European nations then used their colonies to cultivate coffe plants. Indonesia, which is occupied by the Netherlands, has a big share in the history and distribution of types of coffe in the world… Continue reading…

Coffee Maker: How To Make Coffee

Who doesn’t know Coffee Maker? This one drink always has its own charm. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks, this drink is very popular with many people, from teenagers to adults around the world. coffee information.

Coffee Maker lovers and connoisseurs are familiar with the name coffee. For them, coffee has become an inseparable part of their life. Although coffee contains caffeine, it doesn’t reduce the number of coffee fans… Continue reading…

Difference Between Arabica and Robusta Coffee

The two most popular types of coffee on the market are arabica and robusta beans. Of all the types of coffee that are rotated and marketed in the world, around 70% are arabica. While Robusta controls about 28% and the rest is liberika. coffee information.

This second species has many differences, from the way it is planted, the harvest, to the taste. Both arabica and robusta, each has advantages and disadvantages of each. But presumably, Arabica has a greater interest than Robusta. Because of that arabica has more variety with more diverse flavors than Robusta… Continue reading…

Get to know the most popular coffee varieties in the world

Varieties in biological taxonomies refer to subspecies resulting from mutations both naturally and humanly engineered. Each variety has a different character and taste. That is why crossing is done to produce superior seeds with the advantages of each plant. coffee information.

Typica and bourbon are the oldest arabica coffee varieties taken from Ethiopia and the forerunner to the many varieties of arabica coffe in the world. In addition to arabica varieties, there are also hybrid varieties, namely crosses between different species. For example, there is a hybrid de timor which is a cross between Arabica and Robusta. There are still many varieties that are popular in the world that you can recognize by reading the article here… Continue reading...

Complete Guide to Cold Brew Coffee

Now many Cold Brew Coffee is sold in well-known cafes in big cities. What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee is coffee made with a different brewing technique than the usual, namely by cold, not brewed with hot water. Coffee grounds that are exposed to hot water automatically do not produce high acidic substances, so this type of coffee is safe for consumption for ulcer sufferers who usually cannot stand the acidity of coffee brewed with hot water… Continue reading...

Types of Coffee and Coffee Beans

If you hear or read the term coffee type, there will be several points of view. This term can refer to species, varieties, plantations (single origin), or even types and variations of drinks. coffee information.

Various viewpoints occur because word types do have ambiguous meanings. There is a lot of interesting information that can add to your insight about coffee… Continue reading…

10 Largest Coffee Producing Countries in the World.

Unfortunately, coffee plants cannot grow well in any place. The ideal location for plantations and coffee is located at 20 ° North Latitude and 20 ° South Latitude, meaning the ideal climate of coffee. Plantations must also be at a high land level, for robusta between 400-800 masl and 1000-2000 masl for arabica. coffee information.

The three largest coffee-producing countries in 2016 are Brazil, Vietnam, and collections. Indonesia ranks fourth with an estimated total production of 660,000 tons per year… Continue reading…

Get to know Indonesian Civet Coffee, one of the most expensive coffee in the world

Aside from being the fourth largest coffee producer and having a rich variety of coffee, Indonesia also holds the title of the most expensive coffee-producing country. Indonesian civet coffee is one of the most expensive types of coffee in the world because it has exotic value and is classified as rare. This drink is derived from coffee beans harvested from wild civet feces that are cleaned.

Among the audience, this drink is considered unique because of its soft and friendly sour taste in the stomach. This taste comes from the fermentation process in the mongoose’s stomach. coffee information.

The high price and low production impact on the emergence of captive civet coffee. Unfortunately, this breeding raises other problems such as inappropriate product claims, poor coffee quality, and animal abuse…Continue reading…

Travel Stories and Coffee Processing Process until Ready to Be Brewed

Before it can be enjoyed and proven its properties for the body, a cup of coffee goes through a very long process. The process includes harvesting, postharvest, and roasting. coffee information.

The process of harvesting coffee can not be arbitrary, because the harvest carelessly will cause a defect in the coffee beans. After harvesting and sorting, the beans will be separated from the beans and depulping. The methods are varied, namely fully washed, semi-washed, natural process, and so on.

The next process is roasting. There are three levels of roasting maturity, namely light, medium, and dark.

All of the above processes can each form different characters and flavors of coffe. For that, it is necessary to recognize the character of coffee before brewing it into a drink to produce maximum taste… Continue reading…

Various Types of Coffee Beverages from Espresso Based to Manual Brew

The same coffee can produce a variety of sensations when served in different ways. In general, the presentation of coffe can be divided into two, espresso-based and manual brew. coffee information.

Espresso based is a drink that uses espresso as the basis of a mixture with other ingredients, for example, milk, creamer, chocolate, or ice cream. For example espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte, and so on. coffee information.

While manual brew coffee is a beverage brewed without an automatic machine. For example, coffee brew, pour-over, Vietnam drip, and others.

It is important to know the type of coffee drink, especially if you want to do the brewing. By recognizing the types, you can maximize the tools and ingredients you have for a delicious cup of coffee… Continue reading…

How to Make Coffee Like a Coffee Barista

After getting to know various types of coffee drinks, you have the opportunity to make it yourself at home. You need to prepare several things, including coffee beans, grinding tools, and brewing equipment. coffee information.

After preparing everything, determine what drinks you want to make, whether espresso-based or manual brew… Continue reading…

Get to Know the Understanding, Tasks, and Tips to Become a Coffee Barista

Along with the proliferation of typical Italian cafes or coffee shops, the barista profession is also increasingly in demand. However, maybe not many people know what the barista’s duties and responsibilities really are. It not only mixes hot water with coffee grounds but also mixes it in such a way as to produce a delicious taste. coffee information.

Not only does it require expertise and knowledge about this Ethiopian beverage, but baristas also need to master other skills in dealing with customers. If you are interested in pursuing this profession, try to find out in advance what the tasks, conditions, and tips… Continue reading…

Variety of Coffee Makers

To make a good drink, espresso, or manual brew, you need a coffee maker. There are various types of tools for brewing coffe, from manual to electric. Manual brewing equipment for example Moka pot, Rok Presso, and V60. While electric brewing equipment, for example, automatic espresso machines and electric percolators. coffee information.

Not only brewing tools, but other supporting tools are also very important. Some must-have items are grinders, kitchen thermometers, scales, kettles, and timers. By recognizing these tools, at least you have become a barista… Continue reading…

Know the Components and Types of Espresso Coffee Machines

Being a barista would be incomplete if you didn’t understand the espresso machine. At least, first identify the important components in an espresso machine in general such as portafilter, group head, and water boiler. coffee information.

There are a variety of espresso machines based on how they operate, of course with different prices. Espresso machines have several types, namely super-automatic, automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and professional espresso machines.

Before deciding to buy an espresso machine, it’s good to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of each type of machine. Choose the machine that suits your needs.

Continue reading…

Words about Coffee that can Represent the Contents of your Heart

Coffee apparently not only gives pleasure to those who consume it. This bitter drink is also often used as inspiration in creating words to pour the contents of the heart. coffee information.

Like its rich flavor, words about coffee are also rich in meaning and can be used in a variety of situations. Starting from seducing a crush, to be used as motivation to restore the spirit that is going down… Continue reading…

Benefits, Recommendations, and the Best Time to Drink Coffee for the Body

Behind the bitter taste, a cup of coffee has various health benefits. Starting from preventing the emergence of severe diseases such as type II diabetes to treat minor illnesses such as headaches. But make no mistake, although healthy does not mean you can consume this drink arbitrarily. coffee information.

There are certain times and restrictions that you must consider before consuming coffee. Breaking them not only removes benefits but can also harm your health. Therefore pay close attention to the suggestions in this article so that a delicious cup of coffee remains healthy for your body… Continue reading…

Benefits of Black & Green Coffee for Health and Beauty

After dealing with the origin, type, and production of coffee in the world, let’s move on to other facts about the benefits of coffee. You may already be familiar with the statement that coffee is a sleepy drink or friends staying up late. However, did you know the other benefits of coffee for the body, both in terms of health and in terms of beauty? coffee information.

This bitter drink is a natural antioxidant that can ward off toxic substances in the body. Some of the benefits of coffee are good for health, namely as a stimulant of nerve function, relieve headaches, prevent Alzheimer’s, and reduce the risk of diabetes. In terms of beauty, coffee is used for skincare, hair, and dietary supplements… Continue reading…


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