7 Benefits of a Healthy Vacation to The Beach

Benefits of a Healthy Vacation Still, confused about where to spend your vacation? Just go to the beach! Vacationing on the beach can certainly be a fun tourist destination to spend time with family or friends.

Apparently not only because it is fun, a vacation to the beach is good for physical and mental health, such as relieving stress, vitamin D intake, and others.

Summarized from various sources, here are seven benefits of Vacationing on the beach.

  1. Relieve Stress

Seeing the expanse of blue seawater, the sound of waves and fresh air can indeed spoil your eyes while relieving the stress that you feel as a result of your boring daily routine. A study states that seeing a stretch of blue sea water can reduce the level of psychological pressure. The blue color of seawater can also be interpreted as a color of calm and peace. While the sound of waves can help calm the mind.

  1. Getting closer to nature

The beach is one of the tourist destinations that have natural wealth such as a variety of marine life, ranging from fish to coral reefs. With a vacation on the beach, you can get closer to nature and will be more motivated to preserve nature.

  1. Good for Physical Health

Not only able to relieve stress, but a vacation to the beach can also make physical health more awake. Better air quality around the coast compared to urban air allows your lungs to breathe well. Sea salt water is believed to heal wounds on the skin due to its anti-microbial properties. Not only that, beach sand also has health benefits, which can burn more calories. For those of you who want to lose weight, walking on the sand beach requires more energy, so you can lose weight.

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  1. For a Better Sleep Quality

Fresh air can help the production of serotonin levels which causes you to have a better quality of sleep at night. In addition, after being satisfied with activities like swimming, diving, or snorkeling will make you tired. This causes you to fall asleep faster and the next morning your energy will be full again. The sound of the waves can also provide a relaxing effect and make sleep more restful night.

  1. Get Vitamin D intake

Daily activities in an air-conditioned room make your skin lack of vitamin D and will have a negative impact on health. Exposure to excessive sunlight is certainly not good for the skin and health, but a little exposure to UV light will have a good effect on health. Ultraviolet light stimulates the production of vitamin D which helps bones get stronger, teeth are healthier and the immune system functions better.

  1. Detoxifies the skin

Not only can beach sand burn more calories, but it can also be used as a natural exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and remove blackheads.

  1. Gives Softness to the Hair

Besides the skin, another benefit of a vacation to the beach is the ability of seawater to give softness to the hair. The content of salt in seawater can absorb excess oil in the hair. Even so, this will not make hair dry and brittle. When the hair is dry, you will get natural soft hair. This is called the perfect condition on the hair because it is free of chemicals hair care products.

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Benefits of a Healthy Vacation, Spending time on vacation to the beach will help you stay mentally and physically healthy. Have a good vacation

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