9 Website Backups Essentials That You Should Live By

easy way to back up a web site most webmasters these days don’t value the importance of full Website backups (files and databases). They left it to the prospect and fortune of being a big threat to the online presence.

Can you relate to it, then read this important article, which will save you arm and leg later.

Website backups are a very neglected task of webmasters because they are not an immediate threat to their hosting server unless something bad happens to them. Often times, this task can be put aside, delayed, and frustrated by a busy website owner.

They have not yet realized what is here.

So before your website can be removed from the Internet by unexpected crashes such as server breakdown, harddisk failure, hacking and DDoS attacks, I share 10 backups with you.


Be aware that your Webhosting company (even the biggest and the most egotistical) can run into trouble and your work for the backup will be repaid later. Online computing is never unpredictable, and the worst happens when you least expect it. With the right mentality, you are ensuring the continuity of your online endeavor under any circumstances. In short, be ready.

2. Schedule

Your backup process should not compete with your busy schedule. Create your own backup schedule at the most convenient time of the week for you. If you are like me, I do this during lunch and dinner. Sometimes, I have to leave my PC overnight when working in backup. If you cannot do this to fight your busy schedule, you can meet the demands of this job. In short, don’t be complicated.

3. Stick with it – do it

Patience is important to your backup tasks. Once the schedule is in effect, stick with it. You have to do it every time. This can be a tough challenge, especially for people who work online. But the faster you discipline yourself and get used to your files, the more you will benefit from a worry-free online environment. In short, get into a good habit.

4. Evaluation

After a while, test your backup files. A good backup can be tested by restoring it to another system. Periodically assessing your backup results is a good way to find out if what you keep is a good and working backup. In short, make sure.

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5. Not complacent

After some time, your backup schedule may change and you will forget it or not remember it intentionally. Do not succumb to these temptations. In today’s age of high technology trends, new developments, and innovations, man has never been so busy in his lifetime. In short, don’t be lazy to back up.


Learn what files to keep and which ones not. You need to do this to keep your backup process as short and efficient as possible. It also saves you valuable resources such as hard disk space and backup media. You only need Website backups. Dump the trash out and dump it. In short, don’t sweat with trash.

7. Intuition

Trust your Website backups results. Trust that what you are doing next is for your good. Like vitamins that keep your body healthy, backup keeps your mind away from stress and worries. A well-functioning backup can also make you laugh during the worst because you insure your patience. In short, trust the good results.

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8. Look for options for automated

Website backups processes that can simplify your life. There are many technologies and software you can use right now to create the fastest and most secure backup files you need to restore in case of an emergency. This lazy man is the king of automation in the world. In short, be effective.


Free yourself from worries and don’t worry. A death sentence that can stop you will not kill you. So think about what you can do (like Sleepingmore at night) without wondering what the damage is. Website backups. 


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