10 Tips For Overcoming Procrastination At Computer

Overcoming Procrastination At Computer – and money is also on the computer. Your internet connection, equipment, and electricity will cost. Some tasks are not fun – but don’t let them pile up. Constant dizziness and delay can ruin your health, wealth, and reputation.

Here are 10 tips to prevent dysfunction:

1. Before you sit down, do not regulate your mind as ‘Instant’, ‘Important’, Both or Both. (If ‘urgent’ work is not ‘important’ and the deadline is over, then what?). The ‘urgent and important’ work usually comes before the ‘critical’ task. If you have a bad memory (like me) write or type a quick list of your top five to-dos for the session and delete or edit as needed.

2. All Other Things Same plan for doing simple tasks before long, tough short tasks. There should always be something to show the working time before your computer.

3. Until you decide what is ‘important’ and ‘imperative’. There are threats – employers, co-workers and customers – that their biggest rule is the law. Learn to say ‘no’ politely. They may not like it, especially at first. But you will grow.

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4. If you need help with your work, get it now, not later. If this is not the case now, you may ask later – more likely. If you leave it until later, it is likely not already shut down….

5. You are going through your email, database and memos and all of a sudden, new jobs appear. The tendency is first to ‘top the pile’. Do not. Put your current list in the right place.

6. Are you easily distracted? Try and learn about this and find out what works – and for how long.

7. Are you more energetic and creative in the morning, afternoon, or night? Can you reschedule your goals with this in mind? Or are you together anyway? You can be a turtle or a rabbit, but even if you pre-plan, you can win your individual race.

8. Do not allow your break. You have to pace yourself. But all the breaks, surfing, chatting, or daydreaming can eat away at work with devastating results. A crowded job is your best shot or a true reflection of your abilities.

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9. Be especially careful about lunch breaks, eat, or drink more. If your afternoon festival is packed with urgent and important tasks, you may feel hung up, overflowing with gills, or dead.

10. Give yourself a treat if you hit your deadlines. It doesn’t have to be chocolate! And don’t delay giving yourself a gift when you deserve it.

Overcoming Procrastination At Computer, Use these tips Procrastination at computer dysfunction and it will increase your free time and make you happier and healthier by 2020 and beyond.

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