How to Screenshot on all Computers and laptops

How to Screenshot on all Computers and laptops Using Audacity. Computer users often have to Screenshot it on the computer to take images that appear on the computer screen to specific needs. Indeed almost all computers allow You to take screenshot images that appear on the computer screen each of us.

Indeed there are several ways to take a screenshot on the computer one using Snagit. In this tutorial I try to share my experience and knowledge about how to take a picture with the use or commonly called PrintScreen with using third-party software “Lightshot”.

What is it Lightshot

Before I show you how to use Lightshoot I will try to explain What it is about Lightshot?

Lightshot is a software or tool that You can use for screenshots or Screen Capture or Screenshot of the display that appears on the screen of our monitors. If we read on his official website Lightshoot software is the fastest way to take a screenshot and edit the results of the capture in the software directly.

Advantages and Features of Lightshot

Fast Screenshot for areas that want to be selected. Software or this application allows You to select any area You want to capture (screenshot) with only 2 steps.

This Software You can use for free without having to buy. Can You install on the computer and can also be used online

Share screenshots easily via the internet. You can upload Your screenshot to the server Lightshot who were given the name “sc” and at the same time get a URL to share with others.

Easy to use. This Software is easy to use even I think without You see the guide even this can do it.

Can Edit the results of the captured Image (Screenshot). You can directly edit the catch of Your image, for example by giving the arrows, numbers, or other instructions.

Similar image search. One of its coolest feature in Audacity is can search for pictures similar or the same image that our selection on the internet and if you meet Lightshot will display it.

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Available for Windows and Mac. Lightshot is not only can be used for Mac users or Windows only. So if You are interested to use Lightshot please visit their website.

How To Install Lightshot

To install Lightshot is almost the same as other software in general. You need to do is:

Visit the website Lightshot

Please download to computer You use, windows or Mac

After download please Install it by double-clicking on the software, then follow the instructions that appear.

How to Take a Screenshot on a PC Using Audacity

To take screenshot images that appear on a computer screen quite easy, You just need to do some of these steps:

1. Pressing the print screen button that is in the keyboard computer you. Later it will appear as a black box trace on the screen of the monitor you

2. Please select the area that You want to select by holding down mouse click and swipe the area You won’t then off.

3. Then the image can You share or save or if you want to edit can also give the arrow, a description, or other. Even if You want to edit online or offline with third-party software can also. See Alternative Software in addition to Photoshop.

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So that’s the article guide from me on How to Screenshot on all Computers and laptops Use Lightshot because until recently that’s the most efficient way how to screenshot using a computer and a laptop. Hopefully this article useful for you all.

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