Tutorial on How to Make QR Code Easily and Practically

Currently you have discussed the QR which discusses the functions and benefits. Now you can also make your QR Code. Because, how to make a QR Code is quite easy. Lots of websites that make QR Codes easily just copy and paste web site links or links to make QR codes.

This one is quite easy. You can make a QR Code online. There are several provider sites in making QR Codes. You can check and visit the site or website that is a service provider to make a QR Code. No complicated, just follow how to make a QR Code follow this:

There are four sites or websites that become QR Code Generators. QR Code Generator can provide technology that provides services for creating QR Codes. You can visit the Kaywa site, GOQR.me, Visualead, and QR Stuff. All QR Code Generators receive that frees you to get a unique QR code.

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2. Create the QR Code and publish the link on

how to make your barcode4 How to Make Your Own Barcode Via Cellphone or Laptop
Do you want to create a QR Code in a shape that appeals to your brand logo? You can use 4 QR Code Generators that have been previously approved. Or do you want to show a QR Code as an overview of your website? Of course, I can. Here’s how to easily create a QR Code. Here, we will give a tutorial using GOQR.me:

1. QR how to make a QR code

You can enter the GOQR page. After that GOQR will display the main page as shown below. There are three steps that must be taken to create a QR Code on this GOQR.

Tutorial on How to Make QR Code Easily and Practically

2. QR code

First, you can choose the QR Code that you want to create. There are 9 types of QR Codes, some of which are site / URL, text, contact, SMS, telephone, or location. Here we will demonstrate the QR Code with the type of URL. Then, we will click on the URL like in the picture above.

3. Make a QR

The next step is to enter the URL link that you want to generate the QR code. You only need to copy-paste your website link or URL.

4. QR code

After you finish installing the link, then you can enter into the next installation, which is Live Preview. In this third part, you can simply click “Download.”

Tutorial on How to Make QR Code Easily and Practically

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5. Make a QR

After clicking “download” several options will appear. You can change the color of the QR Code, change the size of the QR Code, and more. After you have had enough, click on one of the options from “Download QR Code as.”

There are several options for downloading the QR Code that has been created. You can choose PNG, JPEG, SVG, or EPS format. Click directly on the desired format.

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