9 How to Protect My Android Phone From Hacking

9 How to Protect My Android Phone From Hacking, My android hackers This is it 9 How to Protect My Android Phone From Hacking. Today hacking is a thing often happens in the virtual world and in particular attacked computer and smartphone. So to secure your Android smartphone, we have summarized the steps that are interesting and useful to protect your Android Phone from hacking.

By following the steps below, then you will feel safe because your privacy is protected:

Use the Best Antivirus Application for Android

Devices To Protect them from Trojans and Malware. Antivirus programs help protect your Android device from virus threats. So make sure your Android device has to use an antivirus to maintain the security of Android from viruses and other malware threats. Some of the viruses could be an attack from a hacker to circumvent the security system of the Android device. So choose the best antivirus.

Use a PIN / Password on the Lock Screen

One of the security measures the best that can be done to protect your Android smartphone is to use a PIN or password to protect it. By adding this protection, it will add another layer of security on Android devices and is very helpful. If we are that hard-to-remember keywords, then you can also use locking with pattern.

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Always Choose the Browser to Android the Most Secure

When a user is browsing a lot of sites using the browser on your Android device. A lot of hackers to track user activity, so we need to make sure our privacy is safe by using a browser that has the best security. So it will help protect us from people who are not responsible when we surf the internet. Android hackers.

Make Sure Download Application From A Trusted Source

This is the action the best security that we can use. Make sure to always download applications only from trusted sources like the Google Play Store. However, make sure also to check out the ratings and reviews of the app before installing it, because there could be an escape from the checking and the verification team Google Play Store.

Always Use Management of your Android Device on Android

You must enable the management of Android devices in android because this is a reliable choice to keep track of your lost Android from google account. Also, make sure to provide complete information for these applications so that their performance becomes better.

Use Data Encryption on Android

As we know, data in Android can be accessed and viewed via the file explorer that is not encrypted. Therefore, the risk to piracy of data, then the Android users, can Encrypt the files or important data on Android hackers.

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Always Make A Backup (Backup) Data

Make a backup data of your Android phone is the best that can be done by the Android users to prevent the occurrence of data damage when the attacker tried to hijack the data on your Android phone. Data loss is the worst thing. So, we need an application that helps create a backup of all the data on your Android device.

Do not Save Your Password in the Browser

The password stored in the browser can be easily hijacked by a hacker, so this is the reason why it is not recommended to save your account password in the Android browser.

Block Spam Messages on Android Use Hangouts

SMS is still one of the methods of communication that are frequently used, there is no application or technology that can replace him, but the weakness of the SMS service is the amount of SMS spam that is annoying. Therefore, we can block such messages by using Hangouts. How to Protect My Phone From Hacking

9 How to Protect My Android Phone From Hacking, By using this guide, then Android users can view the activities on Android devices and take precautions.


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