How To Make Money From Internet Without Capital

The problem of making money. As we know that today is the moment where all things become easy, including how to get money from the internet.

Internet we can enjoy not only as a means of entertainment, search for knowledge and the like. But the internet or online media can be a media to earn money, earn money without capital, and make money online.

For those of you who often look for ideas to earn money from the internet, of course, no such things.

So how do I get money from the internet or what we call earn money online?

Looking for money online has a wide variety of ways. But there are a few ways that are worth it you can do it easily and make money according to your needs and your desires. Some of the internet I will point out in this article.


1. Cryptocurrency Free

Well placed first how to earn money from the internet is most easily done with a find a provider for cryptocurrency free are happy to give you a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

A Cryptocurrency that you get the same is the case with digital money when you redeem the bitcoin at the exchange rate of the Dollar or in the currency that you want.

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2. Media Youtube

Make money on YouTube does not mean You only need to upload some videos.

If you want to make money from YouTube, you have to keep uploading good quality content to your youtube channel and build a large audience and subscribers.

Here, before we discuss how to make money on YouTube, you are advised to have a clear understanding of your niche first. There are a variety of how to get money and make money from YouTube.In general, a YouTubers make money depending on the advertiser, sponsor, affiliate marketing, and others.

So how to make money from the internet without capital with Youtube?

Above I have explained there are several ways to make money from youtube or to be YouTubers, but I take one example that is by monetizing or earn money from ads google Adsense youtube.

If you have a viral video either in the form of educational, news, or just a review and it turns out that many have viewers that’s when you should ask to join youtube AdSense.

If you are accepted by Google Adsense and the ad aired in the video then you can make money from several ways such as pay per view and ad click. Of those things, you can generate from youtube.

For some of the other ways, I will update in the next post some easy way to get money through youtube.

3. Social Media Facebook

As it is known the majority of businesses currently utilize social media as a place of promotion and selling. This time you can buy or sell anything online with a single click order course.

Probably already familiar to your users Facebook that the various features of social media is very unfortunate if not utilized as well as possible to earn money from the internet.

Via social media Facebook, you can roll out your merchandise good only to the extent posted in your home, friend’s home, in the Facebook group or fan page of your own.

Facilities most easily when you want to sell products on their own so a lot of attention to the impact on sales is with a Facebook group and fan page

Features Facebook group specialized marketplace can be easily found according to the type of product you sell.

Very important note when you want to earn money from the internet by utilizing social media Facebook group is when you are promoting your merchandise you should adjust with the group and your product.

For example, if you sell products such as mobile accessories while you promote in the group the farm, of course, it is not by the place of sale. So instead of getting buyers far from expectations.

4. Social Media Instagram

How to make money from the internet Without Capital with social media Instagram is almost similar to utilizing Facebook.

But for social media Instagram own you can tap into the event to introduce yourself, promote yourself until you become a celebrity Instagram or commonly called amazing unexpected rap.

Amazing unexpected rap owns most easy to get money, with the number of followers Instagram you will facilitate the advertisers to find you to promote their products through your services.

No responsibility-responsibility is earning an amazing unexpected rap example amazing unexpected rap named Mall Lee, or that we hear the call, the thugs of the strongest on earth, often receiving a job to promote a particular product to generate money 500jt more in before.

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5. Be Driver Online

May brands such as Grab, No, and Uber is no stranger to ears you. In Indonesia alone, one easy way to get money from the internet is through the services of a third such platform.

You just simply join and become a partner as the driver online.

Of how to earn money by being a driver online or the term commonly used “driver job (motorcycle online)” it is easier to.Only with a mobile phone/smartphone and the vehicle you’ve been able to run the job. Instead of money online can be realized.

So how do I earn money from the internet by becoming a driver online?

As an example of how a driver online earn money by utilizing the internet is the when you have registered as a driver and is ready to run the job then there are a few facilities that you can use such as:

a. motorcycle taxi online by delivering passengers directly using either a motor vehicle or car.

b. be driver online for order food for your customers who are lazy to get out of the house.

c. be a recipient of services between the document and the type of other goods.

6. Utilizing A Free Marketplace

What’s a marketplace? Marketplace is a place or container for people who want to make the process of selling and buying, whether it be services, products, real or digital products.

You can utilize the numerous market place free in Indonesia call it, Tokopedia, Shop, Lazada, and many more. Through the facilities of a marketplace are provided free of charge you can take advantage of the best to earn money and make money by selling online.

So how do I get money from the internet with the marketplace?

For example, earn money through the marketplace is to use the features as a direct seller (seller) or order for other people (dropship).If you have a product yourself it’s time utilizing the marketplace – a marketplace free available.You can sell your products there. If you do not have their products can also take advantage of features dropship on the marketplace.

7. Media Blogging

You might for a moment think what is a blog? Blog is a media to deliver, transmit, express your thoughts online in the form of text or image.The diversity of platform providers free blogs such as Blogspot, WordPress, and many more you can use to create a blog and make money from the internet.

So how do I earn money from the internet with a blog?There are several ways to earn money from your blog, among others :

a. Create a blog that you can monetization with ads, many ad providers are ready to be used for generating money through advertising services, such as Google AdSense, Chitika, media net, and many more depending on the traffic to your blog.

b. Open services and services on your blog, either in the form of consulting services, advertising, product reviews, and so forth.

c. Join the affiliate program where you can create an article according to affiliate products that you follow.

You can review the product and directing the visitors and readers of your blog to follow or buy products that you wish to review. There are many ways to earn money from the internet through the blog but the third way above is the easiest way to get money from the internet by utilizing a free blog site.

8. Affiliate Marketing

The growth of internet-based trading has led to the emergence of new marketing techniques called affiliate marketing. A lot of business that is and has been the go online to sell their products as physical products and services with the offers of affiliate program marketing.

Affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing) is a marketing strategy that directs the potential customer to the vendor online seller original (affiliate) and will get the money in the form of a commission whenever a person referred by you to buy in those affiliate sites.

Previously, the affiliate program only allows marketing using the media to their website or blog, but when this can be done easily using your social media account in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

There are many ways to get money and make money on the internet who have had me review everything. But the reviews above are the easiest way of earning money on the internet easily if you want to learn and are devoted to it.

That’s all from me and hopefully useful for you, don’t forget to share.




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