How to Save Money in a Bank Indonesia

Difficult to open a bank. In today’s age to save money in the bank or saving money in the bank is the right step to manage Your finances. Also, savings in banks are also making Your money more secure than storing money in the house.

The Bank is a financial intermediary are generally established with the authority to receive deposits of money, lending money, and issue promissory notes, known as the banknote. The banking industry has undergone major changes in recent years.

The industry is becoming more competitive due to deregulation rules.
Currently, the bank has flexibility on the services they offer, the location where they operate, and the rates they pay for deposits of depositors.

Here we will explain how to save money in the bank or who is known by saving money in the bank, especially bank BRI.

How to Open a New Account in Bank BRI Steps open a bank account BRI is very easy.

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How to Save Money in a Bank Indonesia

How to Save Money in a Bank Indonesia

  1. The first step is to come directly to the branch bank BRI to the nearest KTP/SIM/student Card/identity Card of the other.
  2. In addition to bringing self-identity, you must also set up a number of money as your initial deposit. You have to prepare money of the initial deposit in the amount of Rp.500.000,00 which is Rp.500.000,00 as the beginning balance of your savings and Rp.12.000,00 for the cost of administration.
  3. After that ask the number of the queue on the officer & wait until the sequence number you called by Customer Service (CS).
  4. Then you will be given a registration form by the Customer Service (CS) & fill in the complete form of such registration.
  5. After that, the Customer Service (CS) will enter the data you & give passbook & ATM to sign.
  6. Then you will be required to pay an amount of money as your initial deposit (See point 2).

After all the above process completed you will get ATM & passbook and your name has also been registered as a customer in the Bank.

How to Save Money in the a Bank indonesia, or Saving money in the Bank
Steps to saving money in the bank as follows

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How to Save Money in a Bank Indonesia
  1. Come directly to the nearest Bank branch in your area.
  2. Then you will be given a form by the security officer.
  3. Fill in the columns on the form by the amount of money that you want to tube.
  4. Then submit the form & secular money you will save on teller and will be rescaled by the teller.
  5. After that, you will receive a copy of the deposit form savings you.
    After all, steps above completed, then the money you will automatically go into your ATM. Easy is not how to save money in the Bank, so now there is no more reason for you to keep your money in your house or strongbox in your home.

To maintain the security of your savings in the Bank, you should also pay attention to the Bank that you use as a place to put money you believe. For that business, the bank provides a safe deposit box so that Your money remains safe.

Because if you save money in the Bank. The bank that does not have good credibility, it will have an impact loss for you if at any time the Bank’s bankruptcy, such as the Bank Century case. Therefore make sure you save money in the Bank-the bank that is trusted, such as BRI, BNI, Mandiri

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