How to Buy Stock Indonesia

Stock is one of the investment instruments that are most in-demand because of the advantages offered and the ease of transactions of sale-purchasing online. For you, novice investors don’t need to be confused, because how to buy a stock is actually fairly easy origin to understand the guidelines.
Guide and How to Buy Stock

There are several stages to start investing and buying stock. This guide you must understand so shrewd invest in the capital market. The following guide and how to buy stock for beginner investors.

  1. Open Stock Accounts

Same like making a savings account in the bank, to be a stock investor, you must also open a share account in the securities company. For security of transactions, choose a securities company that is reliable and registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

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Some securities companies in Indonesia, among others such as BNI Securities, Mandiri Sekuritas, Indo Premier Securities, and much more.
To open a stock account, you can visit the branch offices of the company securities option. The contents of the account opening form investors and complete file-a file that is required as a condition of the creation account.

As for the files that you need to complete is like identity card, passbook, copy of NPWP, the data of the heirs, and the data of business or work.

  1. Deposit Balance First

After completing these requirements, you are required to deposit some funds as a balance of the first account of such shares as a capital investment. The magnitude of the first deposit is dependent on the policy of each securities company.

Generally ranging from $ 1 million to tens of millions of dollars. Companies foreign securities typically will have terms of the balance of the first high enough.

If you already deposited the balance first, then the stock accounts were ready to be processed and you become a part of the capital market mover as investors.

  1. Select The Method Of Stock Investment

The value of a company’s stock moves very dynamic. So that its value can be changed (up and down) every day and requires your attention as an investor. Then it should be understood that in the stock investment, the method of investment is divided into two.

First, trading stocks or the method of stock investment where the investors only have stock for a short time. The perpetrators of the trading or commonly called by the trader usually aggressively buy a stock that is being targeted when its value is down. Then, they would quickly sell the stock if its value is rising. So the profit is obtained from the difference between the buy and sell the stock.

Second, the investment method stocks a long time with the aim of targeting the dividends or profits of the company. With this method, investors buy shares and become investors who do not intend to sell their shares.

The company’s dividend invested is usually distributed once a year after the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) is implemented. To invest with this method, select a large company that already has a reputation and the prospect of good profit. So its value tends to be stable and is instead likely to profit double.

  1. Learn and Analyze the Condition of the Company

If you already determine the method of stock investment, you need to study and analyze the condition of the company. First to know first the background and lunge the company in business development.

For example, how the growth of the company in the last few years? Is it always a profit or even a loss?

In addition, consider also external factors that can affect the value of the shares of the company’s future. Therefore, there are some companies that the value of its shares easily dropped because of the issue of social politics in the country or so on.

To study it more, you can read a lot of business news related to that company, ask colleagues who are experts in stock investment or consult with a personal financial planner or by a consultant in the company’s securities.

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  1. Download The App Online Trading

Next, you determine which companies will be purchased shares must download online application trading. So, each securities company will have different applications for the use of its customers.

The application function is primarily to monitor the movement of stock. Every day, buy-sell transactions on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) can be done every Monday to Friday from 09.00 until 12.00 for the first session, and from 1.30 until 4.15 PM for the second session.

In such applications, there will be a display of all selling price and purchase price of shares of various companies incorporated in the capital market. Complete with a chart of the price development and the percentage of gains and losses. Shares of the company are sold with the four capital letters, for example, the Bank BCA has a code BBCA. For how to use this application, you should consult with the securities company, yes.

  1. Start Buying Stock

After all the guides and how the above has been done, you can start buying stock and resell it. This transaction can be done through the officers of the company the securities of which you contact via phone call, or you ask yourself by visiting the office of the company securities.

In addition, you can also transact via online trading that you have. Stages of buy stock overall consists of a selection of companies invested, number of shares (in unit lot), and confirm the payment. That’s the guide and how to buy stock in full.

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