How to Overcome Stomach Cramps Naturally

Unknown characteristics of abdominal pain. Pain and stiffness in the stomach may suddenly appear when a day, this is a hallmark of the cramps that attack the stomach. The causes of stomach cramps are very varied. In women, the stomach cramps are often experienced when the first day of the month.

Stomach cramps can be caused by a variety of things outside the conditions of the physiology of the body of the sufferer, which can be from food, drinks, stress, can also occur during menstruation. Also, the stomach cramps can occur due to eating too late and long to be in the CONDITIONED space.

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If You often have a sunken stomach, immediately consult to the doctor, since cramps often occur on the abdomen could indicate early symptoms of diseases like gastric, ulcer, problems in gallbladder, hernia, or other organs. However, if You are taken do not hold with the pain of cramps affecting the abdomen.

How to Overcome Stomach Cramps Naturally. There are several ways to overcome cramps in the stomach that you can try before contacting a doctor.

Overcome the stomach cramps turned out not a difficult thing. Here are some ways to overcome stomach cramps and drug stomach cramp that You can try at home:

  • Drinking water

Who would have thought, cure stomach cramps natural that is believed to relieve stomach cramps is water white. Multiply drinking water when the stomach feels cramps because the water can reduce the levels of acid in the stomach. Also reduce the consumption of coffee, tea, and alcohol drinks because it will make the pain increase.

  • Cardamom

Take all parts of the plant cardamom to taste and one glass water. washing clean all the plants of cardamom. Boil one glass water to the boil, strain, and drink the water decoction while warm. Cardamom is a cure stomach cramps natural that deserve Your try as one way to overcome the stomach cramps.

  • Use the bottle or a warm towel

How to overcome stomach cramps the next is to use a bottle filled with warm water. Usually, the way of handling the stomach cramps is mostly done by women who experience abdominal cramps, with the cause of stomach cramps is because you’re coming months. The warm temperatures of the water bottle can help to relax muscles and reduce pain due to cramps of the intestine or stomach. You could also try putting a warm towel on the abdomen.

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  • Painkillers Drug stomach

cramps in the form of tablets widely available in pharmacies. It can also by taking painkillers such as paracetamol, to reduce pain due to cramps that occur in the stomach. But, avoid taking aspirin or nonsteroidal anti-inflammation of the other, because the pain can be increased.

  • Eating tasteless food

If cramps in the abdomen appear after eating a certain food, try to overcome the stomach cramps by eating tasteless food. Such as rice, crackers, bananas, or bread to the stomach back to normal.

  • Change eating habits

Effective ways to avoid stomach cramps is to change unhealthy eating habits. Avoid eating spicy foods, fatty foods, and consuming carbonated drinks. Eat slowly and chew food properly so the digestive system works perfectly. Intestinal cramps could be due to an unbalanced diet and often eat food that is less friendly with conditions of the digestive system. You should also have a regular diet and avoid eating too late so as not to appear other diseases such as stomach ulcers or other diseases.

Stomach cramps or intestinal cramps can also occur because Your digestive organs, namely the intestine experience sensitivity excessive. Cause abdominal cramps due to intestinal cramps could be caused by gastrointestinal disorders, genetic disorders, bacterial infections, even due to excessive stress.

To that end, in addition to trying to find a cure cramps in the stomach which natural and medical drugs, You also need to prevent stomach cramps by regulating lifestyle and your eating patterns. Do not let yourself get stress constantly, because this could cause You to feel frustrated so that the condition of your body can go down up to experience stomach cramps or intestinal cramps.

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If you experience cramps in the stomach suddenly and it takes place often enough, you should see your doctor. Especially if abdominal cramping is experienced with the symptoms of other health disorders, such as vomiting, abdominal swelling, or other. Especially if there is a lump in the abdomen, you should immediately check it to the doctor to get treatment or further examination.

Causes of cramps in the stomach such as this must be found to minimize the possibility of the presence of a dangerous disease attacking the body. Proper handling will make the cause of the stomach cramps can be pressed up to your back shape as it was before. How to Overcome Stomach Cramps Naturally.

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