How to Clean a Smartphone From Corona Virus

Previously we never knew, if the objects or items were exposed to coronaviruses. The problem is, we often forget than hold the phone or HP directly after using the public transport tool.

For most people, HP is the most commonly touched item, thus making Hp a hive of viruses and bacteria. Based on the data examined by the Seattle Times Health reporter, 25,127 bacteria stick to your phone. This is even grosser than bacteria in the toilet which is only 1,201 bacteria.

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These results must necessarily be more cautious in holding the phone or HP, especially in the middle of the block when Coronaviruses. A recent study by the US government revealed that coronaviruses can persist in steel plastic and stainless surfaces contaminated with up to 2-3 days.

When the phone is put on the face or hand, we must also allow bacteria, viruses or other germs in mobile or housing movements on your skin. In addition to washing your hands properly, you can start to clean your PHONE. Of course not by washing.

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), alcohol can penetrate bacterial or viral cell membranes and destroy by reducing the surface tension and denaturation of cell proteins that can kill bacteria and viruses that weaken. Alcohol capability is considered more effective when the rate reaches 70 percent.

Although alcohol is 70 percent effective for eradicating microbes, they do not immediately splash alcohol as a way to clean your phone. Quoted from CNET pages of tech-reported alcohol sites can eliminate oleophobic and hydrophobic coating keeping the oil and water from the surface of your HP. If the layer is damaged, the screen and other components may be damaged.

You can, therefore, follow the advice issued by Apple technology companies. Taken from the official website, Apple recommends using disinfectant tissues containing alcohol at 70 percent to clean up from their HP.

Here’s How to Clean a Smartphone From Corona Virus:

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  1. Unplug all cables and turn off the phone.In addition to your device for security reasons.
  2. Turning off the screen of the device will allow you to see dirt easier.
  3. Clean them horizontally or vertically on the touch screen HP in one direction several times with disinfectant tissue. This movement can sweep microbes and the safest way to clear the screen. For example, from the left side of the screen and remove directly to the right of the screen. After that, repeat this process with the dry tissues to clear the entire screen.

Remember, don’t rub too hard in order not to scrape the screen.

Avoid excessive rubbing the open parts of the HP, such as a charger or headset holes to avoid moisture that can damage HP in the area. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the HP. Like the back camera and flash.

Clean the plastic casing and rub all surfaces. Relax alone, the alcohol will evaporate to make HP and casing fast Dry

Other than Apple, how to clean other HP brands is more or less the same way. This is done by the serviceman also so it is not dangerous to try. If you come there, you can find out how to clean similar HP, with the use of disinfectant tissues.

And that is How to Clean a Smartphone From Corona Virus. I hope we avoid the various diseases that stick to the smartphone.

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