Identify 6 Causes of Stomach Pain

This is how to treat colic. Abdominal discomfort in the form of continuous and recurrent pain for three months can arise from anything such as irritable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance to something more severe like gastroparesis, a condition in which the stomach does not empty properly.

Stomach ache is something that is taken lightly by many people. But behind that, it could be a sick stomach is a sign of serious health problems and should not be ignored. Launch of Very Well Health, abdominal pain can be a common symptom that can be caused by something as simple as bacteria or viruses to serious illness such as aortic aneurysm rupture. When someone is unsure about what to do when his stomach hurts, it might be better to go to a doctor or nurse to get the best course of action. Medical News Today writes that abdominal pain can indicate a variety of severe diseases especially if they occur continuously. Identify 6 Causes of Stomach Pain can not be underestimated reported from the Huffpost page:

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1. Pain that does not get better

Discomfort in the stomach in the form of pain continuously and recurring for three months or more must be immediately found the trigger. Visit the doctor or health care provider for this. Liz McMahon, a Philadelphia dietitian, said that the condition could arise from anything from irritable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance to something more severe like gastroparesis, a condition in which the stomach does not empty properly. Such discomforts include symptoms such as ongoing diarrhea, constipation, pain after eating, feeling full with just a few bites of food, bloating, and gas.

2. Pain accompanied by nausea or vomiting

Pain in the stomach accompanied by nausea and vomiting can occur due to various reasons. Elena Ivanina, a gastroenterologist at Lenox Hill Hospital said that these symptoms could indicate intestinal or intestinal obstruction, gastrointestinal infections, inflammation, kidney stones, ruptured ovarian cysts, ulcers, or even heart attacks. ‘Most people suffer from an occasional stomach ache that lasts about 24 hours and know how it feels,’ Ivanina said. But it’s time to see a doctor if the pain is unknown, getting worse, not disappearing, or being associated with symptoms such as fever or blood during bowel movements, he said.

3. Pain along with the presence of blood during defecation

Any blood that comes out of the mouth or anus needs to be evaluated by a doctor,’ said Samantha Nazareth, a gastroenterologist based in New York City. Keep in mind that the blood in the stool is not always red. Blood in the stool can be black, which often indicates bleeding from a higher place in the digestive tract, such as the stomach. Gastrointestinal bleeding can come from several sources including colitis, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, gastric bleeding, and gastrointestinal cancer, Nazareth said.

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4. Sudden and intense pain

Abdominal pain that comes suddenly, strong and severe can be a sign that something might not be right related to body health. Specific and localized pain that can draw your breath can be a symptom of gallstones or kidney stones. According to Nazareth, appendicitis is also a consideration when experiencing sharp pain. Often this is a type of pain that worsens, comes on suddenly or doesn’t go away. Severe pain can also be caused by ulcers, pancreatitis, or blocked bile ducts. ‘The key is to really focus on the type of pain that is felt because they show different things,’ Sonpal said, adding that it is important to get help immediately when the pain arises.

5. Pain followed by weight loss

Unexpected or unintentional weight loss is always worrying and must be evaluated by a doctor whether it accompanies abdominal pain or other symptoms,’ said Ivanina. Ivanina added that this could be a risk sign for cancer, chronic pancreatitis, Crohn’s disease, and others.

6. Pain followed by fever

Abdominal pain and also having a higher body temperature than usual can indicate an infection. Check immediately if symptoms occur like this.

And that is Identify 6 Causes of Stomach Pain. It may be useful.

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