Effort To Eliminate Body Odor

Effort To Eliminate Body The pores of the skin that is covered in sweat can lead to unpleasant body odor even the sting of our body. Surely we will feel uncomfortable, so it is with the people around us. Don’t let those closest to us prefer to avoid we because body odor which makes them feel uncomfortable.

Well, IDN Times there are some tips or how to eliminate body odor naturally and very easily applied by you. Curious roughly what step of the way, let’s consider the following!

1. Drinking water

This is the way most easy to reduce body odor. Drinking more water can make our body excrete toxins through the urine. With so bacteria-the, the bacteria that cause body odor will also be removed. Stress and sultry, which will trigger excessive sweating can also be neutralized by drinking water.

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2. Bath two times a day

Time activities day-to-day we certainly sweat which will cause odors. If not immediately we clean then the bacteria-the bacteria that cause the smell will breed and make our bodies more easily emit odors that do not cause. For that, wash at least two times a day for the health of the skin and reduce body odor.

3. Shaving hair-fine hair on the area that is often closed

Hair-fine hair on certain areas in our body, such as on the armpits and groin, can also be a ‘nest’ of bacteria especially when damp or sweaty. For that we need to shave it, so not too heavy and easy to clean.

4. Using deodorant

Here is one way of eliminating body odor is simple really. Deodorant product which has been widely circulated in the market, if you know of a deodorant it can help our body reduce the discharge of excessive sweating you know.

5. Use baby powder

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In a state pressed baby powder can provide the help that is potent to withstand sweat, especially in the armpits. For those who don’t like to use deodorant, baby powder can be a substitute for the safest.

6. Avoid foods cause body odor

Onions-exactly in the Sunday market, junk food, and fried foods are some examples of foods that can cause body odor.

7. Using apple cider vinegar

Acid tartar and acetic acid contained in apple cider vinegar can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus that cause body odor. Apply apple cider vinegar to the skin of the armpit using a cotton swab, then let stand for 15 minutes. Then rinse the armpits with cold water.

8. Consume tomatoes

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It contains antiseptic, tomatoes believed to be able to eliminate body odor. We can eat tomatoes by mixing it with other vegetables to be used as a complement to salads, make tomato juice, or mashing the tomatoes to the massaged onto parts of the body easily sweating to prevent body odor.

9. Eating basil leaves

The essential oils contained in the leaves of basil can give a fresh scent to the body. We can eat them as fresh vegetables or even make a tea of basil leaves by drying the leaves of basil to dry, then mash the dried leaves until smooth, then pour boiling using warm water using filter tea.

10. Diligent exercise

Indeed, sports can make our body sweat that causes body odor. But it turns out that while exercising the pores of our skin open and removing the bacteria that cause body odor from our body.

That’s a number of ways Effort To Eliminate Body Odor. It may be useful.

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