Breakfast Determines Your Health

Breakfast Determines Your Health Some examples of healthy breakfast menus that are good for the body include whole grains, foods with high protein content, low-fat dairy products, and fruits and vegetables.

Whole wheat can be consumed in the form of granola, muesli, or cereal. It’s just that, make sure to use additional ingredients that the amount of calories is not excessive. Some examples of high protein foods include eggs, lean meat, and nuts. If you want to consume milk at breakfast, choose low-fat dairy products such as low or nonfat milk, yogurt, or low-fat cheese.

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It is highly recommended to combine your healthy breakfast with vegetables and fruit.

Preferably, vegetables and fruits are consumed directly at breakfast. You can also serve it in the form of juice or smoothies. Avoid using lots of sugar in juice making and use low-fat milk to serve smoothies at breakfast.

You can also combine several of these foods or drinks. Mix smoothies with granola, chia seed, nuts and dried fruit to make a healthy smoothie bowl that is currently very popular. You can also serve granola, muesli, or cereal sprinkled with chunks of fruit with a glass of milk. You may drink coffee at breakfast. However, coffee should be drunk after breakfast to prevent the risk of stomach irritation.

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Avoid consumption of instant food

Breakfast because the sugar or salt content is very high and can interfere with your healthy living program. Also, instant foods are generally very low in fiber and contain lots of preservatives and other additives that are not good for health such as coloring, flavoring, or flavor enhancers.

Breakfast Determines Your Health, do not forget Also make sure your meal portions at breakfast are in sufficient quantities. As previously discussed, eating too much or too full at breakfast will make you lazy to move so that it will even lead to the potential for weight gain.

Do not let your intention to maintain a healthy body with breakfast instead turns into bad habits that are less healthy by eating a variety of instant foods at breakfast. Let’s start a good breakfast habit with a healthy breakfast menu!

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