How to Sleep to be Healthy

How sleep to be Healthy, sleep sometimes makes you sick, Ways to sleep well that can try.

1. Restrict naps

Naps can be the cause of your difficulty sleeping at night. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid or limit napping, which is no more than 20 minutes. To avoid napping, you can divert attention to other things, such as walking, drinking cold drinks, or chatting.

2. Avoid strenuous exercise before going to bed

Exercise can produce a tired effect that makes sleeping easy but often can also produce a fresh effect that makes the body more awake. For those of you who have trouble falling asleep after exercising, it is recommended to replace it with soothing relaxation. Doing yoga, reading a book, taking a warm bath, or listening to music, can be an option.

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3. Avoid heavy food before bedtime

Heavy food will make the digestive system work harder so that it disturbs sleep soundly. If you feel hungry at night, by consuming snack foods, such as biscuits, cereal, or milk. One more thing, limit eating time, no later than one hour before bedtime.

4. Avoid coffee or smoking before going to bed

Coffee contains caffeine which can make it difficult to get sleepy. Even if you are forced to sleep, you can wake up several times at night. This makes your sleep quality decreases and reduces sleep. The effects of nicotine on cigarettes are the same.

5. Avoid working, watching TV, and using a device in the bedroom

Avoid working in bed so your mind can relax. You are also advised to ‘forget’ for a moment thoughts that have to do with work, deadlines, or exams. Get rid of electronic equipment, such as TVs and gadgets, from the bed so they are not tempted to surf in cyberspace.
Make a regular sleep schedule.

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6As discussed above, sleeping at the same time on a regular basis is beneficial to help the brain and body create a natural alarm. To facilitate a regular sleep schedule, you can try biphasic sleep. Do regular sleep habits, even on weekends. A fixed sleep schedule will help you sleep well. Don’t forget to create the atmosphere of the bedroom as comfortable as possible and use dim lighting so that the body can restfully.

Sleep is useful in maintaining a healthy body. Sleep also helps strengthen the immune system, maintain the mood (mood), and keep the mind from stress. Therefore, getting a good night’s sleep is very important for physical and emotional health. Many ways to sleep soundly that can be applied. If the steps above have been tried but it is still difficult to sleep soundly, it helps you consult a doctor.

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