How to Help Someone in Anxiety

How to help someone in anxiety, Simple ways that can be done independently and have been proven to help reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders, namely:

  1. Take a deep breath

Deep breathing can relax the body and reduce nerve activity in the brain which causes anxiety. When experiencing anxiety, take a deep breath for five seconds, then hold for five seconds, then release it again slowly in five seconds as well. Do it several times until the mind is calmer.

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  1. Focusing on the activities undertaken

When you feel anxious, your focus will be disturbed. If this happens, try to refocus on what you will do. For example, if there is a schedule for cleaning the house or washing clothes, do it. If there is a schedule for gathering with friends, keep going. Sitting still doing nothing and worrying about things that might happen will only worsen anxiety.

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  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Alcohol can have a relaxing effect in the short term. But if consumed too often or excessively, alcohol can actually make anxiety disorders become more severe.

Caffeine consumption, whether in the form of coffee, chocolate, or tea, can also trigger and worsen anxiety symptoms. Several studies have shown that consumption of coffee and tea can make a person feel more restless and difficult to concentrate, especially if consumed in excessive amounts, which is more than 2 cups per day.

  1. Tell stories to people you trust

Confide in or share what you are feeling and experiencing with people you trust can ease your anxiety. The person could be a psychiatrist, a close friend, or a family member who understands your condition.

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  1. Make time for yourself

Take time to walk leisurely, do meditation, get a massage, or soak in warm water. If necessary, turn off your mobile phone for a few moments so you are not disturbed.

Sometimes anxiety can be caused by increased stress hormones. These relaxation methods can make you feel calmer so that anxiety can subside.

  1. Eat regularly and drink enough water

How to help someone in anxiety When busy or anxious, a person can forget his eating schedule. Though low blood sugar levels due to eating too late can cause a person more easily emotional and anxious. Lack of fluids or dehydration can also make the heart beat faster and worsen anxiety.

The effectiveness of the steps above is not necessarily the same for everyone with anxiety disorders.

For optimal results, you are advised to consult a doctor in order to get further treatment. Especially if anxiety disorders have caused difficulties in undergoing activities, insomnia, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, to symptoms of depression in the form of ideas or thoughts of suicide.

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