How to Sleep Fast That is not Healthy

How to go to sleep fast, The next way to get to sleep quickly is to keep the room temperature cool. You will fall asleep faster and more soundly if the bedroom is cooler. Lower room temperature lowers core body temperature and helps you sleep faster. The ideal temperature for sleep is 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Sleep with a blanket

The blanket functions like a warm hug, the pressure generated from the touch between the blanket and the skin helps relax the nervous system and encourage sleep more soundly.

  • Use a Quality Bed

Someone will more quickly fall asleep in an atmosphere of minimal light or dark. Light, although only a little will disrupt hormones and stimulate the brain to stay awake. Wear an eye mask if necessary.

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  • Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can calm the body. There are many scents available that can help you relax and prepare yourself for sleep, vanilla, lavender, marjoram, sandalwood are just a few examples. Use it on a pillow, in the air or on a mattress.

  • Sleep and Wake Up at the Same Time Every Day

If both of these can become your daily routine, it will help your body to fall asleep faster by creating circadian habits or rhythms.

  • Read a Book

Reading books in addition to adding knowledge and insight can also be a source of entertainment, as long as books that are read are not included heavy books. Look for books that are entertaining or even boring. Tired eyes after a long time reading a book will make you fall asleep faster.

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  • Stretch on your body

Try yoga or some gentle stretching movements. Do progressive relaxation that is using, tighten each muscle, count to ten then release. This will relax the body and minimize the occurrence of muscle pain.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes

How to get to sleep fast one of them, Wearing comfortable clothes will help you sleep faster, and this is also an effective and easy way to apply. Wear loose, light and cool pajamas. Choose the material from cotton because it is the best material.

For the sake of getting more comfort and quality sleep, put your body in the most comfortable and comfortable position. Because the sleeping position is important.

Make sure every part of your body from your feet to your head feels comfortable, avoid or stay away from items that might disturb or even cause danger. Wear a pillow that can accommodate the head and neck properly.

The side/side position is the best, especially when facing the left side. However, the supine position is also a position that is highly recommended, just choose which position is most appropriate for you if you have found the right position, do it every day and make it a habit every night so that you can quickly sleep and sleep will be quality.

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